FLORENCE, ITALY – Recently opened in the historic center of Florence, a new international design school  welcomes students from all over the world.  The Florence Institute of Design International offers a new type of boutique academics focused entirely on international students providing Interior Design, Graphic Design and Architecture programs with both master and semester abroad options available, as announced by Founder and Creative Director, Architect Marc DiDomenico.

As the city of Florence has become an international crossroads for design students, The Florence Institute of Design International will build upon this rich history of art, culture and design, while providing students with a unique international learning experience where methodology and curriculum is designed for the broad and diverse set of students and focused on personalization of studies.  Boutique by design, the Institute’s philosophy is to provide a first-class facility offering the highest level of education and resources to design students around the world.

“The key to this institute is the diversity and understanding of the student set,” said DiDomenico.  “By expanding to encompass students from all over the world, the multi-cultured backgrounds of the students create an elevated level of complexity and need for varied methods of teaching.  As most applicants to the Florence Institute have studied at the best schools in their own countries, we strive to create the same level of academic excellence, offering the highest standard in design education abroad.  We look forward to providing the design foundation to lead this next generation of international designers.”

The Florence Institute’s courses teach the foundation of Italian design by combining modern technologies with Italy’s imaginative culture. The program merges tradition with technology, providing a detailed understanding of the Italian creative process. The course format is inspirational rather than institutional in the way it juxtaposes the concepts of new with traditional to stimulate thinking about how different periods can be integrated.

Set within the hills of Tuscany, Florence has long been known as an ideal destination for design students due to the rich patrimony of Renaissance works.  Its modest scale and pedestrian friendly environment make it is an ideal place to study design.

About Architect Marc DiDomenico
Founder and Creative Director Marc DiDomenico, also the 2009 President of the AIA Continental Europe, has collaborated with some of the leading design studios such as those of Massimo Carmassi and Andrea Ponsi.  He holds titles as architect in both Italy and the United States.  DiDomenico’s experience in architecture, interiors, competitions, and preservation brings a professional emphasis to the school’s academic structure as he will oversee The Florence Institute’s academic programs and instruct critical parts of the Interior Design courses.

The Florence Institute of Design International
Borgo Ognissanti 9
50123 Florence,ITALY
E: registrar@Florence-Institute.com


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