A ray of light in the world of architecture –The Florence Institute of Design International is hosting a summer architecture course, led by Prof. Karin Templin, an authority in Florentine architecture from Kingston University, London. This has attracted a good number of young professionals from every continent, already working in the architecture and design fields.
In the current economic climate, many architects are being made redundant in the UK and throughout Europe. A natural reaction for many is to use their time and education funds to both improve job skills and revisit their masters, providing them with the tools and knowledge to get ahead and succeed despite the global crisis. Indeed, this time of shaky world economics may be the perfect time to develop and advance individual skills, helping to look forward to a bright future in the world of architecture.
The short architecture course has very practical applications in understanding urban context and historical buildings, with which Florence is abundant. Discussions on the architectural masterpieces dating from the Renaissance to the Modernist period will range from their urban and cultural significance to building techniques and materials. The course emphasis is on providing a practical view for architects who are from varied backgrounds ranging from urban designers to project designers to historical preservationists.
The professor for the course is Prof. Karin Templin, who currently teaches architecture at Kingston University, London. Prof. Templin comments “I have met many practicing architects that have never been to the great cities of Florence or Rome and I think there is a market for the professional who would like to visit or even revisit Florence with other architects on a guided architectural tour”.

The course is running between the dates of June 8th-July 2nd.

About Prof. Karin Templin
Prof. Karin Templin is currently a studio leader at Kingston University. Upon receiving a Master in Architecture from Kent State University in the US, Prof Templin worked for many years in Florence with various noted architects. Afterward she moved to London and worked with Allies and Morrison Architects and Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Karin has extensive experience with major urban projects in Italy, the UK, and the Middle-East.

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