The Italian gastronomic tradition is a big part of our identity. Oil, wine, cheeses are some of the product that we produces, with love and passion since century.

Florence Tasting give you the chance to try some of the best product without spending time in train, cars or buses to reach the famous country side: you can choose to taste all of this products in the historical city center of Florence; you can do a wine tasting sitting in front of the gorgeous Palazzo Pitti, or taste a natural and organic chocolate with a glass of Barolo chinato in one of the oldest chocolate workshop of the city.

But Florence tasting is not only food: the concept of Florence Tasting is a city to taste: the visit of the Secrets passages into Palazzo Vecchio, the fresco workshop or the “mystery and loves” of Florence. All these activities are projected to suite any  families needs, to discover the city from another point of view,  to do something unusual, to see the hidden part of the Florence.  The activities listed on Florence Tasting take place in the historical city centers of the different cities, to avoid the inconvenience of driving outside the city, or to take a train or bus to reach the place where the tasting are developed. They all last no more than 1 hour and half or 2 hours, so people can spend the rest of the day on their own and have the chance to see more about the city chosen for the vacation.

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