announces its first ever travel article WRITING CONTEST. Submissions should be about a place (town, piazza, restaurant, someone’s house…), monument (church, building, whatever), or work of art in Italy. They should contain the following information essential to the informed traveler (when relevant): historical background with accurate dates, social context or relevance to other places or works of art, opening hours and location if relevant, book or links bibliography, and photos or video. THE PURPOSE OF THE ARTICLE IS TO GUIDE FUTURE VISITORS TO THAT PLACE.

The form of writing may vary from articles or reviews of exhibitions or events (preferably something ongoing for Fall 2009) to descriptions of museums or sites, or anything else you think can fit in a category. What distinguishes the writing on arttrav is that articles tend to be quite specific, rather than “trip report” or general introductory type material. If you’re in doubt, read some articles on this site for examples. But above all, be yourself, and write in your own style.

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Article By  Alexandra Korey


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