Interview with Mr Fulvio Tesoro, manager and owner of one of the nicest B&B of the Florence city center…

The idea of creating a Place for  hospitality in Florence…. was born…. with the desire to offer our Guests,….  then they usually  become our friends,…. a Place with an  high-performance services at the right price.
So n4u guesthouse opened in Florence in 2008: 2 People working for the Reservation Office, 1 Person running for consierge Office and 1 Waitress mind to the Our Guest and their Rooms.

2) How many rooms are available at your property?  How would you classify your property’s target (luxury, tourists, students)?

N4U guesthouse is a beautiful house with 5 bedrooms available for guests. All details have been treated with  attention  to aesthetics and functionality. All rooms have external views  and  they are very bright. …..In implementing n4u GuestHouse  we thought  to the people while traveling and  to the people that want to stay a few days  such as in  a friend’s house, comfortable and charming, but a friend’s house …

3) How many tourists do you receive each year?  What are the most popular nationalities (and in what percentage of guests, roughly)?

Most of them are from International Places , and almost 50% are Italians.

1) When did your property first open?  How many staff do you have working with you?

4) Why would you recommend a tourist should stay in a B&B rather than a Hotel?  What is the best time of year to stay at your property?
You know ….we wish that  who is Guest in  N4U GUEST HOUSE , first of all , He has chosen an unconventional place, ..charming, … no frills,…a place where , Deeply , …the client, before being a client, is a Person,  is a friend …also N4U  Guesthouse is a  GUESTHOUSE  that  for his Location is Car’s  Traffic zero impact , it  means that once You have arrived at our Place , You don’t need longer to move by car. Everything is  important  to see in Florence ….is within 900 meters from us ….and just around us
That’s the reason way to be in City Center is amazing .

5) What is the added value of the service offered by your B&B?  What top three reasons would you give a potential guest for staying with you?
You Know …being at home is just a feeling, is  not a place … Well , today ,  who choose an  hotel or bed and breakfast,  can not ignore this concept … if  you  do that  ..Our place …is not for you …also A concierge service is provided from 2 pm  to 6 pm , to support you , to book a restaurant or to book a  visit to the Uffizi Gallery …. or just  Let You Know if  in town  there is an special  Event that … you should not  miss…….All the  charme of the town house and  dedicated services …
3 reasons to be in N4U GuestHouse?? Quality, quality, quality….

6) … a quick “Swot” analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses of Florence)…what would you do to improve the cultural and tourist offer of the city? Do you have a dream to realize for the city?
Florence is a beautiful city, perhaps one of the most beautiful city in the world for tourist destination, but that is not enought ……. many European cities now are offering to travelers not only art and antique inspiration but also events, festivals, clubs, gatherings, Golf camps and sports in general and  services : taxis, international airports easily connected to the city center, City wifi etc, and any others gathering places where you can participate actively in the social life of a city ….

7) 5 restaurants, 5 bars, 5 monuments, 5 tourist spots that you would always recommend to your clients (at least to the nice ones!…)

Angels, restaurant within few steps walking distance from us in Via del Proconsolo , great for a dinner in a trendy atmosphere  and also  to have an aperitif before dinner La Giostra , a legendary Florentine restaurant,  traditional cuisine.La Trattoria dell’ Olio ,  within few steps walking distance from us behind the Duomo , Temple of Tuscany cusine.Top 5 Spot in  Florence N4U Guesthouse is located in the most beautiful part of Florence, right in front of the Bargello between Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, in Via del Proconsolo. The Uffizi gallery is one-minute walk from the N4U Guesthouse.  Santa Maria Novella (the central train station) is within easy reach at only 1145 meters away. In only one minute, you can reach the Uffizi Gallery and the most important shopping area of Via Roma, Via dei Calzaiuoli and Piazza della Repubblica. Palazzo Rucellai, the Cappella dei Medici and Ponte Vecchio are only 3 minutes walk away.

8 ) What are the main communication tools you use to promote your property?  How importante is the Internet? Do you also use Web 2.0 (social networks, facebook, flickr, youtube, forums, twitter…)?

9) How has your website and your online communication evolved over the past few years? In your experience what are the fundamental tools required to best manage a tourist site?
We adopted an automatic system to reply  to the all  information’s  request from our Guest  so  we  are  always prompt for any questions of our guests. We have adopted an online booking  system with instant confirm,  operating on the internet 24 / 24, 7  / 7 . We have adopted a very flexible content update system for  our website   so our users can be sure to consult  our  site and  that it is really  update  …

10) Have you ever considered the idea of a blog with updated news on your site or a presentational video showing your property and services?
We did it thanks to dot Florence  Dot  . N4U GuestHouse Will be soon  on You Tube  with a  lots of  videos concerning florence and N4U GuestHouse.

11) Could you briefly describe the movement of the bookings at your property in recent years?  Are you optimistic for the future?  Why?
We are always very optimistic.  Reviews from our guests after  their stay at the N4U  GuestHouse  give us  more pressure to do our job  much more better ….

12) What do you like the most of your job? Do you have some nice story to tell us?

We send a thank’s  letter to our Guest after their stay, to tell them that .
“ Customers like you make our job a really  pleasure”  …
Our Job   is making  unforgettable our Guest’s stay in Florence  …

Official N4U Guesthouse website: )

(Interview with Fulvio Tesoro by Marco de la Pierre of DotFlorence Staff
Video by Bottega del Video produced by DotFlorence Srl)


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