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Art and nature are two of the most powerful forces in existence. When combined, they can bring beauty and inspiration in our lives. Nature provides us with a vast array of colours, shapes, textures, and forms that can be used to express our innermost thoughts or feelings through artwork. By combining these elements with artistic techniques such as drawing or painting, we can create unique works of art that capture the essence of both worlds – a perfect blend between man-made beauty and natural wonders.

A journey through art and nature: the story of Anastasiia

This is the artistic approach of the Italian-Russian illustrator and pattern designer Anastasiia Morozova who is the founder of Natura Illustrata, an artistic and educational project created in Puglia, in the south of Italy in 2018. With her project, Anastasiia promotes nature and creativity for everyone, the physical well-being of individuals, and freedom in living where you want and doing what you love. Her work focuses on the interconnectedness between humans and their environment, emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts to preserve our planet for future generations. 

After quitting her nine-to-five job in Paris, France, Anastasiia decided to move to a small town in the south of Italy. She returned to painting and felt the need to reconnect with nature after years spent in a busy capital. She got passionate about botanical & wildlife illustration and opened Instagram and Facebook pages where she shared her work.

By representing natural elements such as leaves, flowers, mushrooms, and animals, her artworks tell a story about the beauty of our natural world and spread, above all, a message of environmental stewardship. In Italy, Anastasiia started to work with international clients and developed her personal projects.

She also began to share tips on how to create stunning artwork using different techniques such as watercolor painting or digital drawing tools like Procreate or Adobe Photoshop. After a few positive experiences teaching informally how to use watercolor paint to the people who asked her through her social network channels (Instagram; Facebook), she decided to focus on teaching and sharing her knowledge in 2021.

Watercolor painting classes near me?

Her focus on animals, wild plants, mushrooms, and all the small perfect things nature can create brought her even more attention. Considering the number of active followers on Instagram and Facebook, in a few years Anastasiia had been building a big community, counting more than 70,000 people. Thanks to the appreciation and curiosity of her fanbase, she began receiving important feedback about the way to promote her artwork and the tips she could give to other wanna-be illustrators. She started to create small tutorials and lessons for beginners looking for guidance in their artistic journey regarding watercolor painting techniques.

In 2021 she started proposing advanced classes and streaming painting sessions to give the possibility to get basic and advanced skills remotely. There were many people asking for ‘watercolor classes painting near me’ and related digital art illustrations topics. Considering her global audience spread worldwide, she decided to create a teaching platform, where students can learn more complex concepts related to designing principles like composition and color theory, among others topics related to the visual arts creation process.

In 2022 she launched her own courses on Skillshare that range from how to paint to the conception and creation of a product up to the creation of digital images to be used in pattern design or to customize objects. 

In the last five years, Natura Illustrata has become not only a brand but a real community of people that are passionate about expressing their love for nature creatively. Driven by her community and helped by a team of professionals, Anastasiia, in early 2023, launched a training platform where she shares highly educational content engaging artists in this captivating field full of possibilities. From her blog posts filled with inspiring stories to her online courses, she provides valuable insight into the world of art.

Make art with confidence

In addition to her classical approach developed during her academic training and her creative skills, Anastasiia is a curator with a Master’s Degrees in Contemporary Art management obtained in Paris. This allowed her to draft a structured program already available on her website. Make Art with Confidence. This is the title of the program, a path for all artists who want to learn drawing and painting bases, find their own style and tell a story through the medium that is most congenial to them. This six-week course will also include a focus on the promotion of artists, the development of an artistic brand, and the endless possibilities that the market offers to provide one’s services or sell one’s creations.

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