Websites to make money from… yeah, right, we’ve all heard about it in the grapevine. But is it just a rumor or is it true? Can you make money reviewing websites? Why? And, above all, how?

Read on! I’ll help you get the facts straight, find legit websites that pay you and, ultimately, get paid to review websites!

Why you can get paid to test websites

All companies, big and small, know that being user-friendly is the key to success. Websites with poor navigation, shabby design and mediocre content are bound to lose visitors. Because missing out on prospective clients means losing money, companies need to provide apps and websites which provide flawless customer experience. To do this, they need to understand their customers, which is why they need opinions from a wide range of different potential clients

Make money reviewing websites

Basically, you get paid to test websites because you’re one of the people all those companies out there want to hear from. The bottom line is that you can lie on your couch and make money testing websites. Which is pretty great, considering the fact that we’re all still (more or less) dealing with some sort of lockdown due to the pandemic. There are dozens of online companies recruiting non-professional usability testers worldwide, and you can be one of them!

Get paid to test websites but beware of the crooks!

Rascals and cheats are everywhere. A lot of those survey sites out there are illegitimate, and never will pay you. So, if you’re looking to make money reviewing websites you need to be on the lookout for the crooks, and find the dependable websites to make money from. Honest, well-planned reliable companies that will pay you

Best websites for making money

Where and how to find the best website for making money? I did the homework for you! Probing the web, scrutinizing surveys, studying sites and talking with experienced pros I came up with a final, decisive and unbiased truth: IntelliZoom.

IntelliZoom, the leading website to make money

It’s really wonderful to find out there are trustworthy internet perks within a whole world of non-legit online jobs. The IntelliZoom Panel is the participant community of UserZoom, number one User Experience insights company which helps companies create fabulous and easy-to-use digital products. Splendidly planned out, and seamlessly managed, IntelliZoom pays you to share your experiences.

Get paid to test websites

What IntelliZoom is after are opinions. The opinions of a great variety of people. Joining in allows you to make money quickly, easily and comfortably. Meantime, you’ll also be impacting many apps and websites you like and care for.


IntelliZoom testing is smooth, straightforward, uncomplicated, reliable and often a lot of fun. Saving up for the holidays? Sign in, start taking the surveys and you’ll get paid in a jiffy!

Curious? Check it out here
and stay tuned… more about IntelliZoom coming up next month!

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