We all know whats happening and most of your friends already announced their departure from the site, thus leaving you and all of your pics and posts about cute puppies and kittens alone in the eternal pit of despair that Facebook will become. I mean, I’m saying this while writing an article on a blog that gets shared on Facebook, but whatever it’s trending and it’s not an investigative journalism piece, so I can say many things. Like……What the hell are we gonna do know without Facebook? Don’t you worry we’ve got a fair amount of ideas that can help you cope with the stress of not having a strong Social Media presence. Worst case scenario Instagram, it’s still Marks’.

Stare at your beautiful Renaissance wall

You live in one of the most renown cities for its art, and you can’t appreciate the majestic master craft that has been put in the wall you have at your right? Preposterous! Michelangelo put his heart into making sure your wall had that certain texture and could hold up that much weight. 


 Open your fridge and contemplate cooking some Italian food

Now this one is more of a reminder about how not to cook food (link) in Italy, but hey I mean you’ve gotta be hip even though you don’t have FB anymore right? Go to the market and look for some random food ingredients go home and cook up some sweet Italian food that you can eat, on your own, without any peeping eyes around checking your every plate composition.

Stare at your beautiful Renaissance ceiling

OH MY GOD…..You’re still in a position where you don’t understand what beauty lies in the cover over your head? You’re in FLORENCE! obverse and learn how to make ceilings, how to make beautiful Da Vinci inspired ceilings

Go meet your friends

See another thing about being in Florence is the amounts of selfies you can take in front of famous, or even plain beautiful, buildings. NO MORE, now you have to go out and just enjoy the sites without taking out your phone to show everyone what and where you are. It’s a sad day, isn’t it?

Stare at your beautiful Renaissance floor

Can you see the detail? The craftsmanship? How an artisan placed each and every tile in that floor? CAN YOU SEE IT? Well, that is what true love of floors looks like. Giorgio Vasari taught us how to make them and still to this day we follow his steps.


Pick up a hobby

Now, what else can you do without spending your time on Facebook, without losing yourself in the void? mmmm well older people always said that hobbies were a good time to keep your mind clear and fresh. Now you’re in Florence and other than going to museums and getting shit faced at disco pubs what else can you do? recognize pigeons in Santa Croce, understanding where tourists come from based on the way the dress

Stare at your beautiful Renaissance door

Lord, oh Lord. I can tell you one thing there is nothing that I love more than a Magnifico door, called this way after Lorenzo Il Magnifico, the most renowned Medici of them all, the patron of all of Renaissance. Notice that all doors in Italy have the same style of handle, It’s thanks to his genius that our handles look the way they do. He understood that the movement was more natural this way.

Walk around Florence

Go out there, enjoy the same streets as the great artists of the past. GO up to Piazzale Michelangelo just to get some fresh air, and maybe keep going up to San Miniato. The Sprint down all the way to Santo Spirito to enjoy a fresh relaxing beer or drink, whatever, and do all of this while enjoying the sites for the sites and not the comment sections

Oh you know it, stare at that beautiful Renaissance air

Finally, The last piece of the puzzle to understand the magic of Florence, that sweet air you can breathe. The same air all of the best painters and sculptors and architects of the past had the chance to breathe, the same air that Alighieri cites in the Inferno of his Divina Commedia. just, just go and do it!

Maybe, you know what? Start day drinking 

Finally, I mean there isn’t much else to do now that FB won’t be around anymore, I mean you can’t deny it, you’re not even reading this from Facebook maybe, maybe you typed it in like in ye olde times. But yeah maybe all that is left to do is go out and start day drinking, for the hell of it. I mean that’s what most of us do anyway, but this time we can keep to ourselves like true day drinkers.

(Just in case. All of those artist references aren’t true, don’t tell your friends and family Vasari taught Florentines how to make floors, and Michelangelo invented the modern wall)


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