Below a list of the items you will need, where to get them and where to take them in order to obtain the “mythical” Italian permesso di soggiorno.

Permesso di soggiorno. What you need?

1) Form for the permesso di soggiorno. This can be found at the Questura (Police Station), for example in Via Zara n°2 (Ph. +39 055 49 771). Please when you go there be prepared to be very very patient because people from all around the world will be in line with you…

2) Photocopies of the first page of your passport and your visa

3) Four passport photos. Photo booths can be found at the train station or near the post office

4) A ‘Marca da Bollo‘. This costs 14,62 Euros and can be bought at a Tobacco Shop (Tabaccheria)

5) Proof of financial security. This can be the same as you used to get your visa, a letter from your parents or front/back photocopies of your credit card.

6) Enrollment letter from the School or from the University

7) Insurance. The INA insurance is necessary for all students, regardless of the insurance coverage you have at home. To get the insurance, you must go to the main post office (near Repubblica Square in Florence) upstairs on the first floor and get a ‘bollettino’ that must be filled out.

>>More update info by Polizia di Stato (available only in Italian!)

Medical Insurance

Italian Insurance Policy (same conditions as above). One reliable package is offered by Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (Convenzione INA – Ministero della Sanità): fixed amount of Euro 77.47 for one year and 38.73 Euro for 6 months or less to be deposited in the following postal account:
n° 71270003 in favour of Agenzia Generale di Roma INA ASSITALIA, Via del Tritone n° 181;
Also ask for the ‘StudentsVille insurance package for foreign students’ at

Codice Fiscale (Tax-Code Number)

During your stay in Florence, you will certainly have to get soon, the ‘Codice Fiscale‘ (or Tax-Code Number). It is, in fact, obligatory for all citizens, whether Italian or Foreigners, to have this number, even though you may not be subject to Italian taxes.

Let us quote a few example where it is necessary:

A) when opening a bank or postal account
B) when buying a Vespa (or every other motor vehicle..) in Italy
C) when registering a vehicle in Italy
D) when signing any official contract, e.g. the lease for a flat (if the lease is going to be registered!)
E) when taxing out an Italian Insurance policy
F) when taking up an employment of any kind
G) when signing contracts with the utility companies (gas, electricity, water, phones, mobile phones, etc.)

To obtain your tax code number, simply go to the provincial tax office in Florence (ufficio imposte) in Via Santa Caterina D’Alessandria (3rd floor) between 8.30 and 12.00, Monday to Saturday, with your passport or National identity card and ask for a Codice Fiscale. You will be given a card with your number (usually is quite quick!)

If you prepare all these sheets in advance you can obtain all the documents you need in a reasonable time (one week) and you can definitely better enjoy your experience in town!


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