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Historic Florentine Soccer or WWE wrestling match?

Ok, it's official, Calcio Storico is THE BEST thing Florence has ever done. I’ve been here since January and I have never had this much fun in this city. Let's start from the beginning so you can get a good play-by-play of exactly how I felt this Saturday, June 15th: [caption id="attachment_7415" align="alignleft" width="295"] The field with Basilica di Santa Croce behind it, not bad eh?[/caption] I’m heade ...

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The Life and Times of an American Girl in Florence

Ok how clever is my title… not. And it just took me two hours to come up with it. Now you know my life. Just kidding, let me just tell you some real, uninteresting facts about me. I’m Nina, a 20 year old Connecticut lame-o (or the coolest person you’ll ever meet from my tiny bubble of a town, you choose) going to school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, currently living in Florence, Italy. I’m basic ...

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Hamburg Most Underrated of Low Cost Vueling Airlines’ 4 New Direct Flights From Florence

Back in April, I got a call from Vueling Airlines. And they were like, "We're launching four new direct flights from Florence, Italy to London, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Hamburg and we want to send you to one of the destinations to write about the city!" And I said, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Which one?!" And they told me, "Hamburg!" And I was like, "Yeah?" Because, let's be honest. If you had a choice, pretty much ...

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