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The Life and Times of an American Girl in Florence

Ok how clever is my title… not. And it just took me two hours to come up with it. Now you know my life. Just kidding, let me just tell you some real, uninteresting facts about me. I’m Nina, a 20 year old Connecticut lame-o (or the coolest person you’ll ever meet from my tiny bubble of a town, you choose) going to school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, currently living in Florence, Italy. I’m basic ...

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Riding the Crazy Treno in Italy

It was bound to happen; we all knew it would eventually. Culture shock hits and I end up dazed and confused, looking very much like the American I am. What we didn’t know is that it would happen this soon. Sure, on the first day of my adventure in Italy, that’s acceptable, but the first half hour? Come on now! Low and behold, a half hour after touching down at the airport, I found myself standing at Florenc ...

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Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Of Your Life

Why you might ask? Well, you’re reading my introduction, so effectively, you’re meeting me! Oh hi there, nice to meet you! I’m Ethan, and well…here I am, embarking on the biggest adventure of my 22 years, headed to Florence for part of the summer to soak up all there is to enjoy about Italy and do my best not to be too American-y. My biggest challenge? No, not my bank account going downhill like an Olympic ...

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