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10 Things We Miss From The U.S. While Living In Italy

Studying abroad in Italy can bring on the frustrating moments, like, "Ugh, I wish I would have brought that with me." or "Ugh, I miss being able to do [this really awesome thing that isn't freaking here]." It can be tough (not that tough because, c'mon, you're in ITALY), but, don't worry; we've found the solutions and Italian alternatives to what you miss about the American homeland.   Access to Netfli ...

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YOLO, Right? Study Abroad Fall Break During A Public Transportation Strike

For my fall break during study abroad in Italy at FUA (Florence University of the Arts), I decided to plan a trip to Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona with my friends. This time we weren't using student travel service Bus2Alps, as per usual. Organizing a trip on our own, we were able to customize our experience without being on a tour leader's agenda.  However, it did add more stress; making sure that you're ...

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Italia Chillin’

Coming to Florence has been the craziest experience of my 21 years. I shocked everyone when I told them. Going abroad appealed to me because I wanted to stick out of the crowd. I wanted to experience something most people don't and have something to be proud of. I was getting too comfortable with routine and just getting through school. I realized I could do bigger things, and that I would be foolish not to ...

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