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My beautiful life in Santo Spirito, Florence

The sounds of church bells are what awakens me on Sunday morning. Not at all a bad way to wake up and thankfully the first ones don’t strike until 8:45am, so I am not forced out of bed too early.If I stay in bed for another 15 minutes, the second reminder of Sunday sounds as the bells attempt to call me to church.I’m living in the Santo Spirito area of Firenze, so happy to have moved away from my first apar ...

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A ray of light in the world of architecture

A ray of light in the world of architecture -The Florence Institute of Design International is hosting a summer architecture course, led by Prof. Karin Templin, an authority in Florentine architecture from Kingston University, London. This has attracted a good number of young professionals from every continent, already working in the architecture and design fields. In the current economic climate, many arch ...

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