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An Unexpected Celebration

For my first assignment as an intern, I was asked to take pictures around Florence of places and things which caught my interest and would appeal to people looking to travel here. My initial thought was to find the first restaurant my friend Bianca and I went to upon arriving in the city. ...

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Scooter Craze

Beginning at a young age, my parents have always stressed the importance of traveling in safe, well-made vehicles. Therefore, riding on a motorcyle/scooter would be absolutly out of the question. When I first arrived in Florence, I was shocked at the number of people that drived scooters. Unfortunately, I have regretfully noticed how wrecklessly most of them choose to drive ...

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Life Lessons in the Italian Supermarket

I was shopping in the Supermarket yesterday when something strange happened to me. Perhaps I should preface the story by saying that I come from California- a land of freedom where grocery store ethics are almost nil. That said, I was browsing the fruit section on a Thursday night shopping trip. I was shopping for myself and thus - trying to pick the best and smallest grape bunch from an assortment of monst ...

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