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The Italian Job: An Englishman Interning in Florence

My name is Amir, but everybody knows me as Muzzi, and somehow I have found myself moving from the comfort of University in England where I was born and raised, to living and working in Florence, Italy. After looking all over the world for opportunities, I managed to land an internship in the wonderful city of Firenze. Firstly let me say this much: I do not speak Italian. I had no idea what Florence is like. ...

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Ciao Flo-Town

Hello everybody! As most of you know (if you're following the Studentsville facebook page like you should) today was my last day in the office. I'm feeling kind of sad - and by kind of I mean really, really sad - that my time in Florence is coming to a close. My friends in different programs are beginning to leave, my classes are wrapping up, and my weekends to travel are becoming fewer and fewer. I feel li ...

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SV Fashion Week Florence: March 31st-April 5th

Hellooooo. Okay, so last week I went on a bit of a rant, and apparently my outrageous feelings towards this woman without pants were a huge hit. So this week I'm obviously going to go on another rant (although this week wont be so incredibly out there) My rant this week is about Easter. Apparently spring has finally sprung in Florence (ITS A POST EASTER MIRACLE!) because today it was 60 degrees and sunny fo ...

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