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Plowing Through My Scattered Thoughts

Writer’s block seems to be on auto mode lately when it comes to talking about myself. So bad that trying to figure out how to even introduce to you my own name seems really difficult, which is Natalie, by the way. [caption id="attachment_8040" align="alignleft" width="273"] One of many facial expression you can witness when I am describing something.[/caption] How do I describe myself? Hmmm… how can I make ...

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Italia Chillin’

Coming to Florence has been the craziest experience of my 21 years. I shocked everyone when I told them. Going abroad appealed to me because I wanted to stick out of the crowd. I wanted to experience something most people don't and have something to be proud of. I was getting too comfortable with routine and just getting through school. I realized I could do bigger things, and that I would be foolish not to ...

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Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Of Your Life

Why you might ask? Well, you’re reading my introduction, so effectively, you’re meeting me! Oh hi there, nice to meet you! I’m Ethan, and well…here I am, embarking on the biggest adventure of my 22 years, headed to Florence for part of the summer to soak up all there is to enjoy about Italy and do my best not to be too American-y. My biggest challenge? No, not my bank account going downhill like an Olympic ...

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