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Ideas Worth €2,500 And A Free Trip To Italy? How Wool!

Even wooler? If you're a creative, environment-loving 18- to 35-year old interested or experienced in 1) fashion design, 2) product design or 3) videomaking; you can participate in the "Made in Cardato" contest and win both. [caption id="attachment_6029" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Recycled knitwear to be made into Cardato wool -Photo: © Marco Badiani[/caption] The worldwide competition, now in its sec ...

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Vin Santo – The Holy Wine from Tuscany

Vin Santo is a traditional Tuscan wine that is not only made commercially, but also on farms and in people’s homes. It’s a rich, sweet wine that got its name (Vin Santo means 'holy wine') as it used to be used by the priest in Holy Communion. Halfway between wine and whiskey, this almondy, caramelized sweet wine is some of the most distinctive after-dinner wines found in Italy. Traditionally, you might also ...

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” Cantucci from Prato “

In Tuscany, cantucci di Prato—miniature, anise-flavored almond biscotti—are traditionally served at the end of a meal with a glass of Tuscan dessert wine, vin santo, for dipping. “But, being English, Trudie and Sting often eat them with tea,” Sponzo says. Il Palagio’s vin santo (which is Italian for “holy wine”) is made with Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes from the estate’s own organic vineyards, which are dr ...

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