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VIDEO: Brewing Espresso In A Moka, The Italian Stovetop Coffee Pot

Studentsville Project Manager, Whitney Richelle, shows you how to make a real Italian espresso in a Moka, the stovetop coffee pot that Italians use at home. If you are renting an apartment in Florence, you'll probably find one of these neat little machines in your kitchen cupboard. Otherwise, you can buy your own Moka at: 1) Bialetti, the original Moka brand store: Bialetti Piazza della Repubblica, 25/r 501 ...

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10 Reasons Americans Have a Bad Reputation in Florence (and Abroad)

Let me just save readers a lot of nasty comments by saying: "I am American. These are not necessarily MY views, but rather the views that have been expressed to me, many times, by multiple non-Americans (mainly Italians)." So just calm down, everyone. I'm writing this to start a discussion, to open our minds, and to provoke some change or, at least, a little awareness. If the following 10 reasons don't pert ...

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10 Things to Try at an Italian Supermarket

One of the best parts about being in Italy is that everyday things are their own little adventures - even a trip to the grocery store can be a portal into a world of peculiarly pleasant new twists on seemingly familiar foods and flavors. So, point yourself towards the following, and pick up whatever else makes you say, "what is that?" along the way. Because, it's a fact that you can't discover your new favo ...

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