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Putting the Passion Back into Your Products: A Celebration of Today’s Artisans

In the early 19th century we saw the rise of Fordism, assembly lines and generic mass production. At the time, this was indeed a feat of ingenuity and profound efficiency, however, perhaps what Henry Ford and his productivity-minded predecessors failed to notice, was that the introduction of mass production inherently drains everything that is human from the crafting process. Artigianato e Palazzo serves as ...

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Historic Florentine Soccer or WWE wrestling match?

Ok, it's official, Calcio Storico is THE BEST thing Florence has ever done. I’ve been here since January and I have never had this much fun in this city. Let's start from the beginning so you can get a good play-by-play of exactly how I felt this Saturday, June 15th: [caption id="attachment_7415" align="alignleft" width="295"] The field with Basilica di Santa Croce behind it, not bad eh?[/caption] I’m heade ...

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