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Mtv TRL Awards 2011 – 20th april

Even back in 2011, the TRL Awards, a big event that will bring in Florence the most beloved characters from the world of music, film and television for a challenge to shots of votes that will reward the most loved by the fans! B&B near Santa Croce Hotel near Santa Croce Restaurants near Santa Croce ...

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Arezzo and Cortona tour: private tour in Cortona and Arezzo

After about an hour drive south through the Tuscan countryside you will arrive in Arezzo. Before Rome was even in existence, Arezzo was already one of the strongest and richest of the Etruscan towns and it had a place in of preeminence in the Confederation of the 12 Great City-States of the Etruscan League that also included Mantua, Felsina, Ravenna, Cortona, Chiusi, Veio, Cere, Tarquinia, Vetulonia, and Po ...

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