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“Figure, memorie, spazio. Disegni da Fra’ Angelico a Leonardo” – Uffizi Gallery – 8th march/12th june 2011

It opens tomorrow at the Uffizi Gallery, the exhibition "Figures, memory and storage space. Drawings by Fra 'Angelico Leonardo" in collaboration with the British Museum. One hundred drawings that span the decades from the beginning of the fifteenth and early sixteenth century in terms of design, established as artistic expression with its own autonomy, at a time so important for the definition of the pillar ...

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Villa il Gioiello…the house of Galileo

Villa il Gioiello ("The Jewel") is a villa in Florence, central Italy, famous for being one of the residences of Galileo Galilei, which he lived in from 1631 until his death in 1642. It is also known as Villa Galileo (not to be confused with the other homes of Galileo found in Florence, which are in Costa San Giorgio, as well as a villa in Bellosguardo). The name Gioiello was given due to its favorable posi ...

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Florence Crafts and Florence Art

Florence is renown for its top quality craftrnanship, handed down through centuries of tradition, and for its elegance and good taste in creation. Typical are Florentine straw products, original articles of clothing and furnishings as well as the finest leather, known for its exquisitely refined workmanship; ceramics and glassware; wood and metal crafts, furniture and bric-a brae, in other words, a host of ...

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