Wine Town is back: in Florence is almost ready for the event on 24 and 25 September 2011.

Wine Town is the elegant international meeting with the best quality wine and its producers who meet around her lovers of wine and passion for work, but also all those who are looking for the art of Italian living, and Tuscan.
An appointment is renewed, bringing intriguing and a great number of people who are educated to drink … aware of rediscovering the ancient values ??of conviviality.

The event is hosted by some of the most beautiful cloisters of the historical palaces of Florence, located in three different zones and open to the public exclusively for Wine Town. Zone A is the most central, which includes for example the square of the Pitti and Piazza Santo Spirito, but the other two areas, B and C, are no different, equally fascinating places and buildings.
You can find out where each wine is from the Town’s official website.

Joining is very simple: you must purchase a card input, the Wine Card, which costs 15 euros. You can buy it directly into the buildings participating Point Wine Wine Town, Florence UniCoop in stores or online, saving time and gaining the ability to recharge the card by sms.
With the card you have a wine glass and wine tastings for up to 5, depending on the type chosen, it also allows free parking in town

The formula is the Town Wine Tasting at a time of celebration here is that each cloister and courtyard has scheduled concerts and shows an ad hoc, which fit like a glove with the context.
And like any self-respecting food and wine event, there are moments of delight the palate with something more substantial to go and put a little ‘a still drunk the wine! 😉
On 24 and 25 September 2011 in Florence, at the San Lorenzo market, the protagonists are the 10 best chefs in Tuscany: one for each province. You can taste the traditional Tuscan cooking your meal reservation by mail.

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