Tuscany, land of great wines, will be devoting the precious nectar of the 10 days of events, conferences, exhibitions tastings, markets and museums open, dedicated to the vine and wine.
The draft “winemakers and vignerons” was born from the desire to maximize this valuable product, and especially to prioritize Tuscan producers, thanks to an ancient tradition, the attention in cultivating the vine, and the seriousness in the work, allows special and unique flavors to taste. With this purpose, the event aims to create synergy between all stakeholders in the wine community to understand and protect the world of wine, while meeting the needs of sustainable social, environmental and economic.

Coinciding with the event will be held in Montecatini Terme, 5 to 7 December 2009 at the Teatro Verdi, an international meeting of growers from all over Europe who come together to tackle the issues of social environmental and economic sustainability of viticulture and the quality of wine production in Europe. The event involves several towns of Tuscany, is expected beginning December 4 at the Palazzo Medici in Florence where you will remember the conference: Cooperatives and Wine Social: between leadership and globalization

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