Everyone knows Florence for its art and culture and the role it has played in a widespread cultural renewal in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. It is less well known for a minor but nevertheless significant aspect: Florence continuously reflects on the future of Europe.
The Tuscan capital is host to the European University Institute, the only academic institution founded by the members of the European Union, which provides an intellectual contribution to the process of European integration.

Exhibitions, stands and seminars on European matters Cultural and educational activities in the main squares of the city of Florence (Awards for students who excel in their commitment to European themes) The presence of students from both the University of Florence and EUI in debates on the European Union Exhibitions, shows, concerts and theatre plays which are inspired by the Festival dell’Europa Film exhibitions as “Notte Blu”, dedicated to the European Union, the launch in Italy of the EU programme “Youth on the move”. These collateral events aim to make Florence a “creative laboratory” promoting Europe amongst its inhabitants.


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