The Handmade Ice Cream Village will be set up in the marvellous Piazza Pitti setting and will brighten the square with tasting booths and open air laboratories where master ice cream makers will take turns to produce their works of culinary art.
The ice cream makers will come from all over Italy to take part in the Festival and their number will be much higher that last year.Ice cream Festival

The Industrial Ice Cream Village, in turn, will be located in Piazza della Repubblica, the beating heart of the city, halfway between Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza del Duomo, which is only a pleasant walk on Ponte Vecchio away from Piazza Pitti. The village will display the Sammontana delicacies, and will provide a chance to unveil the secrets of the only truly Italian industrial ice cream.

Another new feature are the extended hours: booths will be open every day from 12 to 24, in order to give visitors more time to experience the festival in its every facet.

The scheduled activities are many: seminars, workshops and laboratory sessions for the old and the young, with particular focus on the Laboratory of the Carpigiani Gelato University that will hold hands-on sessions to give everyone the chance of learning the art of ice cream making, concerts and many ice cream happy hour.

This year, too, the key item will be the “Firenze Gelato Card“, the official card that will provide the visitors with the possibility of enjoying an incredible tasting experience, among classic tastes to new. Delicious recipes!.

All the events of the festival

The card

Official website


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