Starts today, the annual meeting of Emergency which takes place this year here in Florence.

Six days full of events such as exhibitions, concerts, lectures, debates, organized to describe the experience of the Emergency years.

During the six days will alternate journalists, doctors, intellectuals, writers and musicians such as: Stefano Bollani, David Riondino, Marco Paolini, Lorenzo Monguzzi,  Bebo Storti, Renato Sarti, Fabio Fazio, Andrea Camilleri, Antonio Tabucchi, Fiorella Mannoia, Serena Dandini, Dario Vergassola, Lella Costa, Antonio Albanese, Neri Marcoré, Patti Smith, Casa del Vento, Samuele Bersani. Interventi di Gino Strada, Danilo Zolo, Nicolai Lilin, Jean Ziegler, Massimo Fini, Arturo di Corinto, Stefano Rodotà, Riccardo Luna, Marco Revell.

The event will take place at the Exposition Center (Piazza Adua 1 ) and Nelson Mandela Forum ( viale Paoli 3)  , all the events have the free entrance .

For the detailled program , join the Emergency Firenze website

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