Have you ever walked by the Church of Santa Croce? Ever decided to peek inside, perhaps visit the burial place of some of the greatest figures to come from Italy?

How about a visit to the cloister, or courtyard? Then you are sure to have seen the Pazzi Chapel designed by Brunelleschi in the fifteenth century.

The first thing one notices when walking up to the chapel, is the chapel’s loggia.

Besides its beautiful designs and high-relief sculpted rosettes, the next thing one notices, is its deteriorating condition. The material used to create this arched structure was grey sandstone, a medium known to crumble over time.

The extent of the damage is evident on the façade of the columns as well as the ceiling, where pieces of the decorations have begun to fall.

The Opera di Santa Croce has attempted to slow the damage, removing some of the loose pieces, twice in the past, however a complete restoration is now in order.

Santa Croce wishes to start this project in early 2015 but is fundraising to be able to pay for it: having raised the sum for 50% of the restoration, they have now turned to Kickstarter to fund the rest.

Are you wondering what Kickstarter is? It is a platform for crowdfunding, or a way to raise money for a project via donations by backers. Backers are supporters of the project and they are given an inside look at the creative process.

There are also various rewards for backers depending on the amount pledged. It is important to note that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing type of funding.

What this means is that in order for a project to proceed, the goal must be reached by the deadline. If not, the money pledged does not get charged, and the project remains a dream rather than becoming a reality.

The Loggia of the Pazzi Chapel needs to be saved because it is more than just a magnificent work of art belonging to Santa Croce. It is a structure that belongs to the whole of humanity and if we want to ensure that future generations can enjoy its beauty, we need to step up and help with its restoration.

By checking out the video you can get a better look at the Loggia and how much it depends on your help. The goal is to raise $95,000 by December 19, 2014. Any amount will suffice (starting at $1) and from $10 up there are corresponding rewards.

If you cannot afford to make a pledge, you can still lend a hand by spreading the word: share the project on Facebook, Tweet using the hashtag #CrazyforPazzi.

Together we can help make history and save the Loggia of the Pazzi Chapel!

Head over to the Kickstarter page here:


(Article by StudentsVille.it and TheFlorentine.net teams)


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