Best Street Markets in Florence: flea, food, leather and clothing, the complete list

Where is the leather market in Florence? Where I can have the best local street food experience?

One of the best way to enjoy a wonderful sunny day in Florence is surely stroll the nice markets located all around the city: Sant’Ambrogio, San Lorenzo, Cascine, Fortezza da basso… Enjoy our list and if you’re interested in Vintage shopping in Florence enjoy our list to buy wonderful clothes in Florence.

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Best Food, Clothing and Leather Markets in Florence

Mercato Centrale

Where –> Via dell’Ariento – S.Lorenzo District
Opening Hours: 7am-2pm (1st floor food market) *** 6pm-01am (2nd floor gourmet area)

mercato centrale florence

This market is located in a very characteristic district of Florence: San Lorenzo.
The market is very cheap, and you can find here everything you need for your perfect Italian Style dinner: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and the best tuscan and italian cheeses!

In recente years, the second level of the Mercato Centrale in Florence has been completely renewed. Now it hosts any kind of delicacies that Italians love in the Florentine area (bistecca, pizza, panino con lampredotto, stracotto, bollito, etc), as long as shops, gourmet food specialist, cooking shows, lessons.

Remember: the market is closed on Sunday!
It definitely worths a visit!

Mercato di San Lorenzo

Where –> Piazza San Lorenzo – S.Lorenzo district

Opening Hours: every day 9am-6pm 

leather market florence san lorenzo

Just outside the Mercato Centrale building, it spreads the Mercato di San Lorenzo in the homonymous area. Here you can find the best leather markets in Florence, with booths or physical shops. The main Florence leather market is a real suk, where you can find people from all over the world all day round. It starts in Piazza San Lorenzo and extends in the around streets, where you can find local food as long as an asian street food area. The San Lorenzo market Florence experience is something that you will desire to enjoy more and more!

Open every day. Closed on Monday in winter.

Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio

Where –> Piazza Ghiberti

Opening Hours: every day 7am-2pm

florence sant'ambrogio food marketSant’Ambrogio Market is amongst the ones Florentine people love most. The market is either indoor or outdoor. Outside you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, flowers, shoes and houseware stands. Inside you can find meat, fish, pasta, general groceries, good cheeses, hamburgers and meat delicacies! Just look around, there is even a bar and a few restaurants!
A good place for shopping! Remember: it’s open every weekday (except Sunday)

Mercato delle Cascine

Where –> Parco delle Cascine
Opening Hours: Tuesday 8am-01pm

Probably the biggest (and cheapest) market in town! Here you can find almost everything you need: fruits, vegetables, clothing, general groceries, houseware stands, antiquities, telephone cards…everything!!
Only one problem: it’s open exclusively on Tuesday morning! So, on Mondays, go to sleep early!

Fortezza da Basso – Antiquities and Flea Market

Where –> Fortezza da Basso – Viale Strozzi
Opening Hours: the third Saturday and Sunday of each month – 09am-6pm

Located in the charming square next to Fortezza da Basso, here you can find all kinds of antiquities: old Lp’s, old furnitures, old coins, old ladies (or gentlemen)… Very nice place to visit! Open the third week-end of the month.

Mercato delle Pulci – Flea Market Florence Italy

Where –> Piazza dei Ciompi

Opening Hours: the last Saturday and Sunday of each month

flea market ciompi florence

Piazza dei Ciompi is famous in Florence because in the past it hosted the local florentine fish market under the Loggia del Pesce. In most recent years Piazza dei Ciompi is the place where the flea market is held the last Sunday of the month (4° or 5° Sun). A part of this market is permanent and is open every day (Closed on Sunday and Monday on Winter).
Ciompi is a very typical market located in the heart of the Sant’Ambrogio district. Here you can find almost every kind of antiquities, second hand furnitures and clothes, coins, telephone card, old books, etc., etc…
The official market is open the last Sunday (the fourth or the fifth) of the month! 

However, as per tradition, every Saturday morning Piazza dei Ciompi becomes a little suk, with informal people exchanging their used goods in the streets.

During special moments of the years, this square also hosts others special market, like the craftsmen’s market.

Mercato del Porcellino – Straw Market

Where –> Loggiato del Porcellino – Via Porta Rossa

Opening Hours: open every day 9am-6pm
In the heart of the old  town Florence, the Mercato Nuovo or Mercato della Paglia area is very very characteristic. Here you can seek for a typical straw or leather product at the booths, while drinking a glass of red wine and tasting local products like a portion of trippa alla fiorentina, a panino with lampredotto or porchetta.

Don’t forget to rub the piglet’s nose!

porcellino straw leather market florence

Mercato delle Piante (Plants market)

Where –> Via Pellicceria

Opening Hours: Thursday 10am-7pm

Under the porticos in Via Pellicceria, thursday from 10am to 7pm, characteristic. At the Mercato dei Fiori – Flower Market, you can find ornamental, aromatic and edible plants, rare local and international varieties.

Mercato dei Liberi Artigiani (Craftmen’s market)

Where –> Loggia del Grano

Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am-6pm.

Under the Loggia del Grano on thursday, friday, saturday, from 10am to 6pm.

Arti e mestieri d’Oltrarno (Arts and crafts from Oltrarno)

Where –> Piazza Santo Spirito

Opening Hours: the second Sunday of the month 9am-7pm

In Piazza S. Spirito, the second Sunday of the month. Open from 9am to 7pm

Apart from the crafts market, Santo Spirito hosts a monthly antiquities and flea market, that takes place the second Sunday of each month.

Mercato Fortezza da Basso

Where –> Viale Strozzi

Opening Hours: the third Saturday and Sunday of each month 9am-6pm

Located in the charming square next to Fortezza da Basso, here you can find all kinds of antiquities: old Lp’s, old furnitures, old coins, old ladies (or gentlemen)… Very nice place to visit! Open the third week-end of the month.


fortezza da basso antiquities flea market