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Weather is a complicated matter in Italy, I mean yeah it’s hot and all, but how hot can it get in the summer, how much does one need to suffer when they visit the Eternal City? Based on common knowledge Rome weather should be warm and beautiful all year long, well that is in part true (if you’re coming from the US or Russia, I guess). Here we’ll give you a seasonal overview of the weather in Rome, Italy. So when you’re looking for your apartment and accommodation for your uni term, you know what to pack as well for the Rome weather.

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What is the weather in Rome, Italy?

Seagull rome summer Italy


Let’s start with the season we’re in, so Rome weather is pretty muggy. We’re talking about in some cases 90% humidity between July and August, so keep in mind that the weather in Rome in July and August is stressful, but do remember that with this heat and stress you’ll also get a fair amount of free space in the city cause everyone is on the beach, and again, you can also hop on a train and get to the closest shore. Cause the weather is only bearable if you can go for a dive, as we found on one website the Beach/Pool Score is at an 8.5 (with 10 as its high).

So when is the best weather in Rome?


Autumn Rome Italy Weather
no doubt it’s gonna rain in the autumn

 Here it is, with spring, autumn is considered one of the best times to visit the city and the weather in Rome in September is when the humidity starts to fade away and you still have a decent temperature average — we’re talking about an average of 22°C highs and a 10°C lows — so you still don’t need your winter clothes, even though with the weather in Rome in November is when you’ll start seeing Italians wear their parkas. One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that autumn is the rainiest season in Rome, so definitely bring an umbrella in your bag everywhere you go.

San Pietro Saint Peter Rome Winter
look at all those heavy coats


OOOOOOOOH winter, now here is where you’ll get some nasty weather, I mean it’s quite the norm everywhere in the northern hemisphere, but I’m proving my point that weather in Italy isn’t always nice and clear. So with the weather in Rome in January and February, you’ll have to bring some layers, when you’re packing up. The temperature goes from an average 13°C high to a 3°C low and it’s always on the lower side of the spectrum. Luckily with the end of November, comes the end of the rainy season, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t rain on your parade, always bring an umbrella for the Rome weather in Italy.

Rome spring vespa dolce vita
No doubt it’s starting to get warm looking at these two


After the tumultuous winter, comes the relaxing spring, with it comes a bit of rain usually, but nothing major compared to autumn. As mentioned prior, the weather in Rome in April, May, and June will make it the best time to visit, because you’ll start to enjoy beautiful 20°C average high and a chilly 7°C average low, so the weather in Rome in June is no doubt the most complicated weather to pack in, but when you’ll have to go to your course during the day be assured that you’ll enjoy a nice breeze and a sunny day.

Weather in Rome a 10-day forecast

So here is our little seasonal weather report, based on a variety of factors found online, so when you’ll be checking in to find the best apartment for you study term in Rome, come back here and pick what you have to bring with you. Or you can just bring yourself and buy everything you need in Rome. Anyway, here you’ll find a detailed day-to-day report if you’re going to Rome in the near future.



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