You can’t be going to Rome without grabbing a famosu pizza al taglio, so don’t worry we got you covered.

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Best Pizza in Rome


Via della Meloria 43, Rome

A small forno type pizzeria, where you can take out slices of your liking, Pizzarium is one of the most important Rome pizza joints to get a slice. Such a simple form of food, with simple ingredients makes the whole order better.

Pizzeria da Remo

Viale dei Monfortani 18, Rome
Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 44, Rome

Here is where you can get a glimpse of Rome’s food and lifestyle. Da Remo serves classic foot in diameter pizzas with cheese so perfectly molten that you have to order just to see it string. Don’t bother the staff too much cause the place is packed, know what you want or just look at the tables around you and ask them.

Panificio Bonci

Via Trionfale 36, Rome

In Panificio Bonci you’ll come across  some of the most Roman situation you’ll have a chance to encounter while in the city. Here though you have to have Rome’s Famous Pizza Bianca, (what you may find as a schiacciata sandwich in Florence or a Focaccia in Milan). They have an amazing Pizza con Porchetta to die for.


Via Statilio Ottato 110, Rome
Via Francesco Grimaldi 53, Rome

A great place not only for pizza, but its antipasti fritti as well, ranging from a classic supplì to a beautiful fiore di zucca. These Rome pizza as sworn are just like the pictures, and taste excatly as you can imagine.

Trapizzino Trastevere

Piazza Trilussa 46, Rome

A new take on the roman pizza bianca (don’t forget it’s more of a sandwich) by pizza maker Stefano Callegari, giving the pizza bianca a nice and easy triangular shape. Today Trapizzino has locations scattered across the country, the US, and Japan.

La Gatta Mangiona

Via Federico Ozanam 30-32, Rome

La Gatta Mangiona literally means the Gluttonous Cat, and you’ll see why with all the pictures of fat cats around the walls of the restaurant. Putting aside Roman humour, the pizza here is beautiful and no wonder the cats are so fat, I’d be as well if I could it that pizza every day. One of the best pizza restaurant Rome.

Ivo a Trastevere

Via di S. Francesco a Ripa 158, Rome

Ivo a Trastevere, is a classic destination for anyone studying in Rome, taking into account its location (as it’s stated in the name) in Trastevere. Next to most of the foreign universities in the centre it makes it really busy, so the best time to go is after classic dinner hours and grab yourself a crispy thin pizza.

Pommidoro (closed)

Piazza dei Sanniti 44/46, Rome

Another amazing slice pizza joint in Rome, where you don’t just buy the food to fill yourself on empty carbs, but rather on a fine selection of well thought out ingredients giving its eater all the nourishment he needs.

Pizzerie of Rome on Google Maps



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