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Tasty Pizza in Milan

There's this whole thing that up north they don't know how to do pizza, that might've been true years ago, but it's time to...

Explore Italy by Train

Studying in Italy definitely has its benefits, I mean you’re in the place to be for history junkies. The best country to be living...

Top destinations in Italy

So we were going about the internet and as we were looking for some inspiration, we came across this great website Jen Reviews by...
The Student Hotel

The Student Hotel

In a short time, it is expected the inauguration of The Student Hotel (TSH) in Florence; not only a hostel, but it will be...
pitt immagine taste festival

Put Your Bibs On, It’s Time For Taste!

Finally a weekend where shoving endless amounts of samples in your mouth and sneaking back around for seconds is completely acceptable. The 9th edition...

Hamburg: The Most Underrated of Vueling Airlines

Back in April, I got a call from Vueling Airlines. And they were like, "We're launching four new direct flights from Florence, Italy to...
Paggerie pratolino

Qual’ è la vera villa del Parco di Pratolino?

Sulle colline alle spalle di Firenze, raggiungibile in pochi minuti percorrendo la via che va a Bologna, si trova il favoloso Parco di Pratolino. Collocato nelle immediate vicinanze del punto in cui la via scollina verso Bologna, il Parco è meta abituale, nella bella stagione, delle scampagnate e dei pic-nic dei fiorentini. I quali spesso, però, non conoscono il piccolo mistero legato alla villa che si trova all' interno di questo Parco enorme e rinomato.Il Parco di Pratolino, infatti, è noto anche come Parco della Villa Demidoff, ad indicare che si tratta delle pertinenze della "residenza di campagna" dei ricchissimi principi russi, giunti a Firenze in qualità di ambasciatori del proprio paese presso il Granducato di Toscana. La villa è l' edificio a forma di "L" che rappresenta l' apice prospettico di tutto il Parco: in occasione dei fitti eventi organizzati nel Parco, accoglie mostre fotografiche ed esposizioni di tutti i generi.Guardandola da fuori, tuttavia, ci si accorge che, rispetto alle dimensioni del Parco, ed alla favolosa ricchezza di cui i Demidoff erano accreditati, la villa sembra essere ben poca cosa: certamente, non è particolarmente ampia come dimensioni. Se ve lo siete mai chiesti, siete arrivati ad un passo dalla soluzione del piccolo mistero della Villa Demidoff di Pratolino.

Travel Like a Celebrity on a Gypsy Euro

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves,” Henry David Thoreau. This, perhaps is one of many reasons why so many of us yearn to travel the world. Living in Firenze has given me slightly too many opportunities to get lost, but every time I find my way, I’m so proud of myself! This experience has made me a lot more independent. Traveling is not only fun, exciting and liberating; it forces us to feel and think about new things...or perhaps think about things in a new way. All of these experiences give insight into who we really are. During college, a time when we are growing and becoming our adult self more than ever, travel is essential because we discover so many new aspects of ourselves.One of the most opportune times to travel is as a student not only because of the phase in your life as I previously stated, but because now is the time to reap the benefits with all the student discounts and make friends all over the world! If you are like me, and have to work hard for your money and do some serious saving up in order to travel, don't lose hope, with a little extra planning you’ll be able to travel with a smaller budget. The first thing you want to do is order your ISIC card: international student discount card. If you are already in Europe and have not ordered this, but have your university student card, most places will accept the standard university card. This card will provide you with proof of identity and save you lots of money along your way. Always bring this with you to museums, historical sites and many restaurants, as they will offer a discount if you show this as proof that you are a student.

it’s time to say ” oh’fiorentina!!”

Sunday after the strike is finally ready to begin the championship of the "Fiorentina", a journey through 38 games including 19 at the Artemio Franchi stadium.Tickets are on sale on presales and around the city.

44 brand new W-Ends in Italy ready for you!

There are numerous reasons why so many people decide to visit and live in Florence during their lifetime – in the “Cradle of the Renaissance”, the “Open Air Museum”, the home of the “Florentine T-Bone, Chianti & Brunello”…but we should never underestimate the strategic position of Florence as a location from where to visit one of the most fascinating and beautiful peninsulas on the planet.

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