Ladies and Gents August is at its end, and with the end of August is to come back to reality and it’s time to get that sweet sweet Back to School Blues. Even though most of you reading on our blog, and visiting our website, aren’t exactly looking for back to school clothes, or thinking about when do kids go back to school in Italy, and you’re definitely not trying to find out about fun facts about Italy for kids, I mean I might write something like that in the future cause it actually sounds pretty fun.

Anyway, no back to school clothes, no back to school rules, and no back to school schedule for kids cause you’re thinking about education in Italy on another level, not exactly secondary education in Italy or middle school in Italy

So what are we going to talk about in this post about the Italian school? We just wanted to welcome you back to Italy, cause everyone coming back is happy to do so, and if it’s your first time you better be checking out our blog, and you should definitely visiting our main website to find out about all the American schools in Italy. But you can also find a lot of other information that is helpful like where to eat for cheap, and where to eat if you want to impress. Where to enjoy a drink, and where to go out at night. 

Plus most important of all you’ll find all the best accommodation and student rooms for your term away, and guess what if you’re not a student and you’re just thinking about visiting the country for pleasure, we don’t care you can visit the site, find your home away from home in.

We’ve got places and info in all the major cities, Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Turin, and Naples, but also in cities like Perugia, Sassari, Pisa, Siena, Genoa, Cagliari, Padua.

Also, as I’m looking for a variety of pics to use on this post, I can’t stress enough the fact that if you’re studying in this country you have to visit the most of it as you can while you’re here, first of all, because it’s quite cheap to travel around, and second why not?

Don’t worry about all the stress looking for an apartment that’s up to us. You just pick one so you can enjoy the Italian education system or the Italian vacation system.


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