From 9th to the 14th of April in Milan there is going to be one of the most important fairs the city offers, and no, it’s not Fashion week. That is going to be next week, we’re talking about the Salone del Mobile. The design event of the year in all of Italy, I mean maybe in all of Europe. With events poppin’ out all of the city with shows that showcase all of the new ideas for your home design, and all of the latest technologies in the design world.

Unfortunately, the Salone del Mobile is only open to the public on the weekend, but the city of Milan has made sure to bring all of these innovative ideas to the public and have you enjoy all the wonders of the future home you’ll live in.

This collection of events that the city of Milan brings to the public, is called the Fuorisalone, it’s thanks to them that all of the events that take place in the city happen in the first place. The Fuorisalone team, make sure to know what events are taking place, where, and how to enter them. Cause some events are closed to the public as you could imagine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to get an invite, for that you’ll need to check the Fuorisalone schedule. Unfortunately, at the moment there aren’t any events programmed in the city, so for Fuorisalone you’ll have to wait a bit, but don’t worry cause as soon as we know them we’ll post a video on this articles giving all the juicy info you need on the various events, how to get there, what to expect, and how to RSVP to any of the events that need it.

In the meantime keep yourself ready for a fashion week that will have you finally understanding why Milan is a fashion capitol, and wait patiently for the next Salone del Mobile 2019, and most importantly Fuorisalone 2019.


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