Now there is one place that I am fond of, and that is The Student Hotel. I’ve been at the TSH Florence location for fun and for work a variety of times, and few things beat the news about a new one opening up. So, where is the new TSH going to open? Unfortunately for me not in Florence, cause that would mean double the fun in one city (even though I have a feeling another one will open soon enough, making all my dreams come true). Enough about me, and more about the juicy info that I found on the interwebz. The new TSH will open in the city of Bologna, keep in mind that Bologna is also grounds for the first Western University. So, I think it is the perfect compliment to open up a Student Hotel in the first city to ever have students.

I mean this is a render….I can’t believe how real this looks

When will The Student Hotel in Bologna open?

The doors for The Student Hotel in Bologna will open on October, 1st that means you’ve got time to think about where you want to go to study. But if you ask I would go on and stay there, every room has all the amenities someone living away from home needs. You got a flat-screen TV, en-suite bathroom (that is always on the top of the list for a student, at least it was for me when I was studying), super-fast wi-fi, bedding, towels, a mini-fridge, and all the other amenities you find in a hotel room, like a phone and a desk. Now keep in mind that TSH offers a lot of other things as well, and they are tres juicy, but I mean treeeeees juicy. Before talking about them I want to give you a little info on all the precautions and things that TSH is doing to ensure a safe stay and also what TSH is doing to make sure you are economically covered in case of a second wave of COVID-19 in Europe (cause hey we can’t make believe this still isn’t happening).

COVID-19 and The Student Hotel response

So, let’s start by saying that TSH is the closest thing you’ll get to an international campus experience when you’re staying away from home. Be it for the co-working areas, the laundry rooms, the events that are organized for students and staff, the gym, and the shared kitchen. But with the pandemic, a lot of people are wary about living a campus life, and that is understandable, so why go to TSH Bologna once it opens its doors? Let’s put aside the fact that there are strict social distancing rules, face mask usage, and hand sanitizing gel pretty much everywhere, there is one thing that caught my eye. The student wellbeing coach that is available for any student that needs some help in these trying times, I mean be it the pandemic, be it being away from home during it, it’s pretty normal to feel a bit of anxiety or to feel a bit down. 

Now I know that today the topic of mental health has fewer taboos around it, so the fact that you could talk to the student wellbeing coach while you’re there (and it’s included in your payment, so you’re not paying extra to see him/her) is reason to relax while reserving a room.

There is a second part to what TSH is doing during the pandemic that is probably just as important as the last topic I was talking about. Pricing and cancelation time. Now let’s start with pricing for The Student Hotel in Bologna, for now, there’s an Early Bird offer where a single room is going to cost from 587€ a month and a double from 420€ a month per person, keep in mind that these prices are based on a 12-month stay, so if you’re planning on staying less than a full year, prices may vary. Personal advice take the full year and save some cash. Not bad at all, taking into account that you’re looking at some very competitive prices for the market out there, plus as I was hinting at before you’ve got not only all the room amenities, but you’ve also got included in the price: Room Cleaning, a Shared kitchen with all the kitchen supplies you need, a gym, a bike to use whenever you want, unlimited use of the laundry room, maintenance, all bills paid, Free Skillshare courses (I mean that’s the only reason I’d go), the student wellbeing coach I was talking about before, a full list of events you can go to, free use of the TSH Collab co-working area, one free night for your parents to come to visit, and 3 free nights in any TSH around the EU for you to stay in. Not bad at all, I mean personally the Skillshare and the free nights are worth the stay, I mean just think about taking a weekend trip to any EU capital and not have t worry about spending extra cash on a room.

Now I’ve rambled on about pricing, what about cancelation policy during the COVID-19 crisis? With the crisis that is taking place, TSH decided that because of the uncertainty regarding one’s ability to go and study abroad any cancelation that is based on COVID related reasons is free, if it’s done at least a week before the original arrival date. Also, what happens if there is a COVID scare while you’re away and need to go back earlier? Don’t worry you’ll only pay for the months that you’ve stayed there and the deposit, not the whole semester. But hopefully, there will be a vaccine before and you can just get a room for great price with all those extra goodies.

So for now sign the date in your calendar as your social distancing at home and dreaming about what you’re going to do next semester. If you’ve never seen Bologna I’ve got to say that if the pandemic calms down and travel is permitted go on TSH and get yourself a room.


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