May just started and as you know from all of my other posts you’ll also know that it’s the 500th year anniversary of Da Vinci’s death, but hey I just said that so I could link one of the articles in the intro of this article.

Picture owned by Aldo Maria Camillo

Today we’re getting ready for Pitti, I’ve got my press pass, so all you that aren’t in Florence from the 11th to the 14th can see what the hell is going on in the most important fashion event in Florence. But if you are in the city you should give it a go, tickets to get in are around 30 euro, but they’re a bit tight on who they let in, being that it’s more of a work fair than a fashion extravaganza. If you are a fashion student though check with your school if you can get in. 

Picture owned by Adam Katz Sinding

If you don’t care about the fashion expo, don’t worry the city is going to be having a blast of events all around the town, from shops offering free drinks, to parties that you only dream about in your wildest fantasies. I’ll talk about that in another post, cause most of the events aren’t out yet.

Picture owned by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

This year’s special guests at Pitti Imagine Uomo will be no other than Givenchy, Marco de Vincenzo, Sterling Ruby, MSGM, and the house team Salvatore Ferragamo with a proper fashion show in place.

Picture owned by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

I can tell you that they’ve been upping the ante for the past years now, from a buyer fair to a buyer fair, with some fancy names. Plus the best thing ever, the Pavoni aaaah the Pitti Peacocks. I can’t wait to see some of them. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted regarding the events in the near future. Just don’t forget to log in once in a while, and if you get a chance to go to Pitti between June 11 and 14, make sure you get to see one of the Special guest events cause that’s going to be some amazing shit. Plus, I’ll be somewhere in the crowd. I mean that’s the only reason you should go.



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