Milan is one of our favorite cities, and you can see that from all the posts we write on the city, and also the fact that it’s just great. Now, being one of the hardest-hit cities in Italy because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s also one of the cities that’ll need more time to get back to normal. One way to get back to “normality” is with the beauty of the silver screen and how to enjoy it respecting distances? That’s where this Open Air Cinema in Milan idea comes into place. Cineteca Milano is working on organizing cinema nights out in piazzas, thanks to its Cinemobile Fiat 618, which was built in 1936 and restored by the city council.

So…I’m talking about cinema and you know what that means? Why not go read up on some Italian movies you need to watch, this way you’ll be able to be cool and smart in front of your cinephile friends. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus you’ll be able to say you’ve seen them at an open-air cinema in Milan.

Now, it’s already a great idea to bring about some open-air cinema in Milan, but with the economic catastrophe that Covid-19 brought about, the organizers are looking for some extra funds to bring about this event. This is why we’re dropping this post. If you’ve lived in Milan, if you’ve just visited and loved the city’s piazzas, or if you’re there at the moment and really want to go see a movie but don’t feel like staying indoors, you can help out this cultural practice by sending some page on this crowd-funded event and help out.

The event will revolve around the history of cinema, starting from the Lumiére brother to the glamorous era of the silver screen divas. So, why not give a helping hand a have culture strive in beautiful Milan.


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