Some of you might not know that right next to Florence you can find one of the most important comic-cons in Italy. Yep, it’s in an old medieval city too, so if you’re big on fantasy RPGs and cosplaying, or full-on LARPing then you know what you have to do.

From the 30th of October to 3rd of November in the city of Lucca once a year there’s a comic-con within the city walls, so you get to see a whole deal of Cosplay in a very unique setting, not a big warehouse-style location. If you’ve opened the post you’re probably already into cosplay or comic culture, so you know what I mean with that warehouse feel.

I’ve been a couple years back to check it out and I’ve got to say it’s a really fun experience, plus it’s got a whole lot of stands and events for big title shows as well. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that this year it’s on again and it’s going on from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November. Don’t worry tickets aren’t finished yet, actually, there are a lot of them still to be sold, but get them quick as they might finish as time goes on.

Why go this year?

Well, first just to see an Italian Comic-con, second why not glance through the people that’ll be holding conferences and chilling in the stands as well?

You’ll find the likes off Hirohiko Araki, Andrej Sapkowski, Rebecca Sugar, Yudori, Andrew Tsyaston, Don Rosa, and Chris Claremont. You probably don’t know all the names, no worries I’ll be leaving a little recap for each below, at least you’ll know that the Lucca Comics is tres legit.

Hirohiko Araki

For the first time in Europe, the inventor of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is going to be at the Lucca Comics. For those of you that have never read it/seen it, I advise giving it a shot, as it’s over the top style is pretty unique.

Andrej Sapkowski

For those of you that spent countless hours with Geralt of Rivia, it’s time to meet Geralt’s dad. Andrej Sapkowski is the mind behind the “Wied?min” the original 5 stories of Witcher Geralt. Get ready cause Geralt of Rivia is everywhere at Lucca Comics.

Rebecca Sugar

The Creator of Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar is going to be attending this year Lucca Comics to promote her new “Steven Universe: The Movie”. Rebecca Sugar started after receiving a Bachelors degree from the School of Visual Arts, she begins her journey in the creative team for “Adventure Time” (total love) and also writes many of the songs on the show. Go show her the appreciation she deserves!


The most political artist this year is no doubt Yudori, Korean Creator because she not only is a comic designer but an all-round creator of feeling. Yudori is at the Lucca Comics to promote the printed version of her latest work with Lezhin “Pandora’s Choice” a webcomic that follows the footsteps of an Asian-American girl named Pandora in the USA of the 19th Century, and the repercussion her appearance have on her life.

Andrew Tsyaston

The OG Shen Comix guy is going to be in Lucca, so if you’re free to go you can’t miss out on meeting him. If you don’t know about him you should definitely check out his page, and realize that you’ve always been a fan.

Don Rosa

Don Rosa is one of the most influential Disney Comic designers ever, he’s the mastermind behind  “The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck”. Winner of an Eisner Award he’s back at Lucca after 24 years.

Chris Claremont

A 50 year veteran of the Marvel Universe, Chris Claremont, is the clairvoyant of superheroes. His style defined a genre and still today the influence of “Uncanny X-Men” is felt in the whole industry.

The numbers are also in his favor as the sales of his comic books come to about 750 million copies worldwide.

So get on board the Lucca Comics train ASAP before tickets run out



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