“Il Cinemino” in Milan opens again after being closed since last October by the Police for security concerns. Luckily this institution of cultural events in the city is going to open it’s doors once a gain to the public. Now that it’s up to par for the city, you’ll get a chance to see some great movies, and take part in events that have shaped the modern cultural scenery of Milan.

Opened by the “SeiSeneca” cultural association this staple of Milanese Cinema, had the support of actors and actresses of all of Italy, and thanks to the #iostocolcinemino they created enough hype to bring about a change in the bureaucratic stall it was going through.

The promoters of the space announce the reopening on Monday announcing that the space will open to the public on Valentines day as a declaration of Love for movies and cinema. Now they want all of you to go and join the association and not forget that you can join it, this way you can watch the movies they project, and enjoy the Q&As that take place. But if you don’t want to, you can always join them for a drink at their bar that is open to the public, so worst comes to worst you’ll enjoy the atmosphere.

Lucky for you new comers, you’ll get a chance to see one of the most lively sides of Milan, and doing so in such a great location. Too bad for the ones of you that left in these 100 days it was closed, but this give you reason to come back and visit the city ASAP. 

Good Luck Cinemino, we’re gonna come visit you as soon as we can!


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