Two weeks ago we went to the Erasmus 4ever event in Florence. This year the main focus of the event revolved around the promotion of the Eramus+ program, that is an act since 2014 and will end for 2020. The EU is keen on promoting Intra European study programs, not only for students but also for teachers and NGOs that wish to improve the quality of their research and help students find a stable occupation within European institutions.

The Erasmus+ program is born out of a socio-economic necessity within the EU states, with about 6 million people out of work, and in some cases that number represents 50% of the youth within a country, the program will help move talent form one state to another making sure that students, universities, NGOs, and companies can find the talent they need and increase the potential of European youth.

Keep in mind that this cycles financing is 40% higher than the last Erasmus program the EU has promoted within its confines, reaching out not only to universities but also to companies that can help improve the status of young European students. But it also has the intention of promoting sports, and the arts – just look at the Erasmus orchestra that is one of the main achievements of the last years, putting together an orchestra composed by European students from every member state.

The best thing about all off this is to increment EU identity within the youth, maybe some people may disagree with this statement, but the EU has been beneficial to young people, from something as simple as travel to being able to help them study at universities that have better funding than the ones someone may have in their home country.

We hope that with the end of 2020 the results are going to be great and that the EU and the Erasmus program will invest even more funds to help achieve a better connected European Union, and invest as much as possible in its youth and education. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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