Another day, another set of rules to follow in this beautiful 2020. As you know all of Europe is seeing an exponential increase of Covid cases all around the continent. On Sunday evening Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, addressed the nation in regards to new restrictions in place to control the spread of the pandemic, without having to resort to another lockdown as seen in March of this year.

curfew milan
Photo by Urmi (License: Creative Commons BY)

One of the main points that came out of the new restrictions and laws, is that each local government (so regional governors and mayors) has the chance to enforce measures that they prefer, and think are fundamentally based on the reality their region is living.

Actually, before you keep going why not read up on all the Covid updates in Italy, at least you know all the backstory as well.

This is where we talk about what’s in the title, the curfew that Fontana (governor of Lombardy, the region of Milan) has proposed, and has been accepted by all mayors of the region. Lombardy was the scene of the crime when the first wave of Covid took Italy by storm, there is where we remember seeing military trucks bringing Covid victims out of Bergamo, to other cemeteries as the death toll was too high to be dealt with locally.

curfew milan
Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

Because of this, the regional government decided to implement a curfew, just like other major cities around Europe. The idea for now, unless there are any last-minute changes, is that the curfew will start at 11 pm and will end at 5 am every evening starting from Thursday, October 22nd. The idea is to cut down on nightlife get-togethers, so if you’re in Milan or any other city in Lombardy, make sure you get in by 11 pm.

Hopefully, this curfew in Milan and Lombardy can slow down the spread of Covid in the region, cause at the moment Lombardy is one of the most hit areas in Italy. A good chunk of industry and production in Italy is based in that region, so the need to halt the virus proliferation is fundamental to keep a strong economy in case of a second lockdown.

The situation isn’t exactly ideal at the moment, and uncertainty is rampant. I know I tend to be a bit more cheerful in the posts, but the times we live in can be a tad bit depressing. In the meantime, be careful, be safe, and wear a f****** mask everywhere you go.


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