Ladies and Gents it’s official, tonight Brexit is going to happen. It’s been 4 years in the planning, and I have to say even though I’m personally against the idea of starting to break up the EU marriage story, it’s been so. Long in the making that it sounded like a joke. As I say that, I have to let you know that today, 31st of January 2020, is officially the day Brexit begins, but it will be another 11 months until the UK actually has no more ties to the EU.

Now with all the news that is going around at the moment like the Coronavirus, the Impeachment,  or any war-related activity, why talk again about Brexit? First of all, because I think that when you come to visit Italy, you’re going to want to travel a bit around Europe right? Maybe enjoy a weekend out of Bel Paese, to enjoy some different European culture, plus once you realize how low-cost the flights are you’ll start to think about planning those weekends more. Anyway let’s start off this Brexit day

Brexit London
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What is Brexit?

After the referendum that took place in the UK in June 2016, the British people voted Leave in the referendum concerning the European Union. Fun Fact I was living in London at the time and decided to get myself out of there, thinking that it would have been a disaster, and I have to admit I wasn’t totally wrong, even though I could’ve stayed another 5 years at this point. And I thought the Brits were really punctual with sh*t.

What happens after Brexit?

Now, as I said prior there is an 11-month agreement period in which the UK and the EU need to iron out the last rules for the future. Most probably the UK needs time to organize their customs borders as they just started to realize the magnitude of goods that will be coming in through the borders. In these 11 months, rules and regulations will still follow the pre-Brexit era.

brexit date

What does it mean for me?

Well, lucky for you if you’re a student the UK and the EU are trying to help out the best they can, I wrote a post on the topic a while back, and you should give it a read. You might even find out how to apply for residence if you’re thinking about staying in the long run.


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