We went on a mad one telling you where to buy vintage in Florence, so what about the other capital of Italian Fashion, how about some vintage shops in Milan. So Milan is renown everywhere for its fashion sense so you’ve gotta get on board the trendy train and pop some bottle in your best vintage wear from the best vintage shops in Milan and second hand shops in Milan (interested in cheap shopping in Milan experience?) cause you can’t underdress for Aperitivo. If you’re looking for a thrift shop in Milan read our article ( want to know more about Milan? Enjoy our Milan Travel Guide). 

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What should I wear in Milan?

Well, the only way to really find out is to be on the ground and be influenced by the style you see around the city. This could be during fashion week, or on every other day, cause Italians really do know how to dress the best for any occasion. In the meantime let’s find out where you can buy some of the best vintage gear in some amazing thrift shops in Milano.

Milan Vintage Shops: 2 vintage areas

Obviously, we can’t drop all of the vintage shops in Milan cause that’ll be more of a book than a blog post so we’re gonna stay central and divide the city into 2 macro vintage areas for our vintage selection. First, we’ll talk about Lanza-Brera (you can get there by taking the green line, or M2, to Lanza or the Yellow to Montenapoleone, we’ll talk about Montenapoleone another time cause that’s where the high fashion is).

Second, we’re talking about Via Giangiacomo Mora, it isn’t really an area but a street and it’s between Sant’Ambrogio (always on the M2) and Le Colonne (where you’ve probably had a couple of drinks).

So if you need a Milan shopping guide, let’s look at some of the best vintage shops in Milan vintage shopping to make sure you can blend into that Italian style.

Vintage Shops in Milan

vintage shops in Milan

Lanza-Brera “Vintage” Teatro

The first Milan shopping tips: “Lanza Brera Piccolo Teatro” you’ll never get enough of hearing that if you’re on the Green Line going anywhere, I mean you’re gonna pass by that stop sooner or later while in Milan. Officially the stop is only called Lanza, but the announcement is always going to be Lanza Brera Piccolo Teatro (there’s a pretty big theatre there that’s why, and yes Piccolo means small, aaaah the Milanesi). Anyway, we’re not talking about theatre here, but fashion. Let’s look at some of the best locations to spend your cash like a madman.

Cavalli e Nastri

Via Brera, 2, 20121 Milano MI

Cavalli e Nastri is an institution in Milan about best shopping Milan, not only cause it’s one of the best kept Vintage shops, but also because you’ll find some of the best looking pieces you’ll ever see in your life. Plus they know the market so well, they have another store in Giangiacomo Mora, that’s how you know that they’ve got the eye for you vintage shoppers and if you were wondering where to find vintage watch shops in Milan.

Urzì Vintage

Via Ciovasso, 6, 20121 Milano MI

In the heart of Brera you’ll find this little gem. It’s so sweet inside that’ll you’ll never want to leave. The selection of bags and leather goods is to die for, so if that’s what you’re looking for I’m gonna have to advise you stop by Urzì while window shopping in Brera.

Vintage Delirium

Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 3, 20121 Milano MI

Opened by Franco Jacassi a hero of Milanese fashion, you’ll find some of the most refined fashion pieces you’ll see in your life. The man has begun collecting fashion as a hobby, bringing in his collection textiles that go back to the 1800s. I mean you know he has the eye and you know you’ll find some beauties in Delirium.

Via Giangiacomo Mora Vintage Mecca

My personal favorite area to scout vintage wear, Via Giangiacomo Mora is a Vintage Mecca, the street is really small but it’s just Vintage shop after vintage shop after vintage shop. I mean come on what do you want more in life? (maybe many other things than fashion, like world peace and so on, but……vintage shops all over!). Here you’ll find some high fashion vintage (Gucci, Fendi, Chanel pieces), and some more extravagant pieces (like Kimonos for 50 euros). Keep in mind that once you start you never want to leave the area cause the selection is amazing. I warned YOU and your Wallet. Be careful.


Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 11, 20123 Milano MI

Snap….oooooooh SNAP, one of the last vintage shops on Giangiacomo Mora. Last but not least, it’s one of the best kept in Milan. I mean it is pretty new, I think it opened at the beginning of this summer, and it already has a special place in my heart. The pieces are amaze-balls and well you have to check it out yourself. When we went last they gave us free candy with our purchase, sooooo yeah.

Cavalli & Nastri

Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 12, 20123 Milano MI

Previously mentioned, Cavalli & Nastri, is one of the most important Vintage stores in Milan, so if you’re not in Brera, you might as well go down Via Mora, and see what they have on offer. Keep in mind that the stuff is reaaaal good.


Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 14, 20123 Milano MI

As the previous store, Bivio is another institution of high fashion vintage wear in the Moda capital of Italy, and as its competition, it has two stores one on Via Mora, and the other towards Porta Venezia. No worries in both locations you’ll find some great deals on some crazy pieces.


Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 7, 20123 Milano MI

Groupies is one of my personal favorites, I mean with Snap obviously. It’s got that NYC vibe to it, that makes you feel like your about to headline at CBGB. Now that I said that it seems like it’s only a vintage rock store, it’s not. Groupies has everything you want from a lit vintage store, and when you go in you’ll know what I mean.

Honorable Mentions

Pourquoi Moi Vintage

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 27, 20143 Milano MI

If you’re strolling down the Naviglio Grande, you know that little river that is in Milan, you’re bound to have passed by this Vintage Mecca. Its collection is jaw dropping and you can’t NOT buy something once inside. So next time you’re having an early aperitivo, pass by and enjoy the experience.


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 47, 20143 Milano MI

This isn’t only a Vintage Mecca, it’s a Leather Mecca, in here you’ll be drunk on leather fumes, and that is a compliment. I mean “Winter is coming!” so you have to get yourself a nice warm coat. My advice would be, go to Guendj and buy yourself a one of a kind warm and toasty jacket.

Hangover Vintage

Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, 9, 20123 Milano MI

Pure Rockabilly. You can find all their prices on the website, so at least you know how many meals you’re gonna skip to buy your new favorite bag. Keep in mind in here you won’t just find OG vintage pieces, but a great selection of vintage reproductions, cause you have to keep in mind that it being vintage sometimes you won’t find the piece you want, but with reproductions the horizons are endless.

Humana Vintage

Via Edmondo de Amicis, 43, 20123 Milano MI
Via Cappellari, 3, 20123 Milano MI

Humana is a charity shop/thrift shop in Milano that has a variety of great pieces for some amazing prices. Once a year they sell all of they’re stock for next to nothing to help out their charity foundation. You need to visit this thrift shop if you want to buy sustainable, help out, and look amazing.

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