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Starbucks Roastery, is the largest Starbucks in Europe, 2,400 m2, in Milan’s Piazza Cordusio, you really can’t miss it if you’re on your way to the Duomo.

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starbucks in Milan

Here you’ll get the chance to taste a variety of 115 coffee blends, because Starbucks in Milan knows very well that Italians are quite stingy about the way they get their coffee, and because of that it doesn’t offer any Frappuccinos (even though I’m betting they will as soon as they open the next branch in Corso Garibaldi or Malpensa). You may also interested in what do in Milan Italy.

Also, you won’t get a chance to bring home one of their iconic green and white mugs, cause it’s not fancy enough for Milan.

We heard that the prices at Starbucks Italy will be a bit higher than the norm for Italian coffee standards, and it won’t be for nothing, you’ll get a chance to taste some of the rarest blends in, what I would call, an amazing atmosphere. The location in itself is beautiful, adorned with statues made by Tuscan artists Giovanni Balderi and Giancarlo Buratti, active in the Versilia area (where you probably went to the beach this summer). We’re talking about €1,80 espressos and €4,50-5,50 cappuccinos, but you’ll also get a chance to try some of Starbucks’ famous cold brews, a process in which coffee is made to rest for twenty hours at low temperatures, and later used for a variety of drinks (something I regret not trying when I had the chance).

But no worries if you’re hungry, cause you can get a fair amount of classic Italian treats, like some pizzas and focacce, prepared by Milan’s famous Princi. A historical panificio (bakery), that is a household name in all of Milan.

Another very interesting thing we found is that with the opening of the Starbucks Roastery, the company offers a coffee tasting, prepared with the Clover method, for those who (like myself) have no idea what that means, well it’s a brewing technique that uses a very tight metal mesh to filter the coffee. I have no idea what that does, but no doubt it’ll make you feel fancy enough to enjoy it.

So let’s say you need your fix of American brew, NO NON PUOI, (no you can’t) cause you’ll find yourself engulfed in a mist of aromas that will enhance everything inch of love you had for coffee, and maybe you’ll find yourself drinking espressos like the rest of those converted to the Italian lifestyle.

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