Great news coming from the Fashion and Business capital of Italy, the ticket surcharge that had to take place in March 2019 won’t be taking place as per program. The city and the Regione Lombardia couldn’t find an agreement regarding the price hike.

price increase milano subway

The Region didn’t give any consent to the price hike within the deadline decided together with the city of Milan, a decision that would bring regular tickets to cost €2 instead of €1.50, also a surcharge for weekly and monthly passes, with the monthly pass costing €39 instead of €35.

Luckily if you’re here for the whole year this won’t affect you as the implementation dates would’ve been in March 2019, but now we believe that the price surcharge will take place after Summer 2019.

Let’s see what prices will change, which ones will remain the same, and what new standard will be implemented with this new cost.

How much is a subway in Milan?

As I stated prior regular tickets are going to cost 0.50 cents more each. Going from €1.50 to €2.00, not that much of a price hike, but if you’re going to uni far out every day it’s probably better to invest in a pass. 

The monthly pass that will probably be better for your daily commutes, will go from costing €35 euro a month to €39. A slight increase that is going to save you a lot of money in the long run. Just remember that you can renew your pass not only at ATM points around the city and subway but also at the Tabaccherie that offer said service. (in case you don’t know what a tabaccheria is they’re those shops with a big T outside)

Now most probably you’ll find yourself in the under 26 bracket, and that for you is a massive bonus, cause for now nobody is talking about increasing said age range, so if you’re under 26 you’ll spend the same €22 even after the surcharge.

The Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala commented on the rise as follows

“After several years of unchanged tariffs, we are forced to change them, because in the same period the tax income of State and Region has significantly decreased”

So start saving up or come to Milan pre Summer 2019, at least you won’t need to spend that extra cash on every ride!


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