Oh Milan, probably the most cosmopolitan city in Italy, actually not just probably it really is.

You can’t think about Italy without Milan coming to mind right? I know I can’t, but I’m a different cup of tea, plus I’m there every weekend so yeah I really like it. The nightlife, the getting around so quickly in such a big city, the variety of its boroughs, and the variety of people that live in this city are reason enough to study in Milan.

Apart from my personal experiences with Milan, I’m here to tell you about why you should study in Milan. Looking for Milan Student Housing?

Studying Abroad in Milan Tips

why study abroad in milan

So, why study abroad in Milan?

Cause it’s the big city, and plus you’ll get to meet a whole lot of like-minded people if you’re bored of staying in a smaller reality. Also, you know there are a whole lot of great schools in the city, I mean the best-ranking university in Italy is in Milan, the Politecnico di Milano. I mean that’s reason enough to study in Milan Italy if you ask me. But one Milan College isn’t enough to convince you of that I’m sure, plus I’ve got to reach a certain word count before calling it quits ( interested in reasons to join an Erasmus in Italy?). Plus, if you’re wondering about how populous is Milan? The city has about 1.3 million people living there, but if you look at the whole Milan Area (let’s say Greater Milan as if it was London) we’re talking about 3.5 million.

How can you study abroad in Milan, is a good way to add some fuel to your “desire fire” of living in Milan. For starters you have to pick what you’re into, fashion, engineering, law, business, really Milan can cater to all of your curricular decisions. Looking for Jobs in Milan for non italian speakers? Click here

You have private and public universities that are probably already in contact with where you’re studying now, and if you’re looking for students rooms in Milan you’ve got us at StudentsVille to help out, cause that’s what we do best.

How many students are in Milan?

That’s a pretty good question, cause you have about 14000 international students in Milan as of October 2019. That means that there is a good chance to make some English speaking friends while there. But worry not as there are around 200,000 Italian students in the city if you’re looking for some Italian friends as well.

Courses in English for International Students

Plus, no need to worry you’ve got the possibility to study in Milan in English, it’s not the 70s they offer courses in English for international students, you’ll be fine.

Now, how is it living in Milan as a student, it’s great you have a whole lot of events ranging from nights out, to academic Q&As, to museums with some of the best exhibitions in Italy, to some amazing, and let me say that again, AMAZING food to enjoy.

I mean I’ve got the complete guide of living in Milan written for you already. Worried about the costs of the city? Read our cost of living in Milan helpful guide. And if you’re thinking to yourself “Milan is probably a pretty pricey city” you just have to know where to look to and look no further than on our cost of living in Italy for international students guide we already wrote for you. You’ve got all the study abroad in Milan tips you can ask for in those to links, but going back to our main topic, why study abroad in Milan and not Florence, or Rome?

Milan vs Florence

These are two very different cities, I mean even just the cost of living in Florence is completely different from that of Milan (if you really want to know you’ve got to read that article as well, cause I ain’t telling you now). But one thing Milan beats Florence in is the internationality of the city, just think about how Soho House will open its doors in Milan for the first time in Italy.

But in Florence, you have all of the worlds finest art, the hotbed of civilizations new beginnings. You can’t really say which one is better, especially when it comes to fashion cause even though Milan has a great selection of Vintage Shops, but Florence as well has a unique collection of Vintage stores to go and feel fashionable at.

Milan vs Rome

Even though Rome is the capital of Italy, it lacks that sense of internationality that you may find in Milan, but you can’t try to compare the weather cause I mean, Milan has pretty crappy weather that is for sure, and maybe the cost of living in Rome is more affordable. It’s an odd debate to make this one, Rome has some of the oldest histories in the Western world, Milan has some of the best innovations in Europe today.

So, it’s really up to what you’re more into, the past to understand the future, or the present to fix the future? Anyway BS aside why don’t you just visit a couple of these Milanese Libraries I put together for you back in the day so you can learn one thing or the other.

Milan Italy Study Abroad useful links:

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Where can I study in Milan?

In a variety of Universities that offer international programs, but also private courses. If you need to find out more look below and you’ll find a variety of links, ranging from all the topics you need in the city as an international student.

Useful links about Milan


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