It’s That time of the month again and we can’t leave you in the shop not knowing how to ask some common Italian phrases that you can use when buying Italian clothing. Last month we looked at some of the basics that you’ll need when you’re at the shop looking for some pieces that are going to put you on the super Italian fashion wardrobe. So these Italian phrases are gonna be a life saver when you’re a bit low on cash and want to find out what Italian words and phrases you can use when you’re wondering if something is on sale.

Now get ready to learn all of these tasty Italian phrases for travel that are useful to buy clothes in Italian, and hey why not maybe you can use these common Italian phrases to buy more than just clothes cause really commerce is great to practice your vocabulary

Enjoy our list of basic Italian phrases to use when looking for the best deals and best garbs, it’s the StudentsVille dictionary for the Italian shopping vocabulary.

Sto cercando questo.. – I’m looking for…

Now you’ve found a great piece online and you know that in the city you’re studying you can find the store in question. What to do? Well or you can wait online, or you can run in there with this shopping in Italian language phrase to use in this situation. I mean I know if I want something sometimes I just can’t wait. So, get in there and show them the image and drop them a “Sto cercando questo” and if you’re lucky enough you can try it on. But what shopping phrases in Italian are you going to use to do that. You’ll find out soon.

Posso provare (…..) in vetrina? – Can I try the piece in the window?

Maybe you’re passing by and you didn’t see the piece you love online, but rather while walking down one of the many storefronts you can find in Italian cities. So you’re going to need some shopping in Italy tips to make sure you get the right piece of clothing you saw, you can simply ask “Posso provare il vestito in vetrina?” (vestito is a dress, I don’t know what you want)

Sono in Svendita? – Are they on Sale?

Now you’ve found what you want, and maybe you like to save some cash, I mean who doesn’t? Now that you know how to ask certain items that you fancy, why not ask if they are on sale. That’s real Italian shopping vocabulary, you really can’t say that we aren’t helping you learn Italian words and phrases or learn simple Italian phrases

Dove sono i camerini? – Where can I find the changing rooms?

As promised, now you’ll learn one of those basic Italian phrases that will help you try on all the clothes you want to. The one and only way to try on clothes you want. “Dove solo I Camerini?” The Italian travel phrases to use at the store when you’re almost sure about spending that sweet cash and treating yourself, all while using useful Italian phrases.

Preferisco quello nero – I prefer the black one

Let’s say you find yourself with a very helpful employe, and he/she is bringing you and showing you other clothes that could be of your interest, but you already know which one you want, and especially what colour you want it. Really this is almost one of the most commonly used Italian phrases when it comes to buying clothes in Italy, you’ll see it when you’re here cause everyone has to be super chic, and everyone wears black.

Queste (scarpe) sono scomode – These shoes are uncomfortable

Those Italian phrases to know are no doubt some that you will use during your visit, and they’re all pretty happy go lucky, but what if you want to complain about something, this is one of the basic Italian phrases for travel that you can use when the clothes you’re buy-in are really uncomfortable. You don’t want to be spending cash on stuff you can’t be comfortable in.

Vorrei cambiare questo, per favore – Can I change this?

You’ve bought a whole bunch of things with these simple Italian phrases but now you realise that you bought something that you’ll never wear, so you find yourself going back to the store asking to change the clothes you just bought. This “Vorrei cambiare questo, per favore” will open the discussion you need. Maybe you’ll get cash or store credit that you’ll understand with the employee.

Dove è la cassa? – Where is the cash register?

Finally you decided what you wanted to exchange with the wrongfully bought piece last time, and it’s time to go to the cash register, but you can’t seem to remember. Now you have the info you need to buy clothes in Italy. Enjoy all the phrases to know in Italy when shopping


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