If you’re already in Italy atm you’re probably thinking “why is Chris posting a beaches post now that’s it’s freezing?” I’m just being hopeful that’s all. I can’t believe that’s so freaking cold here in May, usually, this is the time you start thinking about going to the beach for a weekend and taking a dip, but nononononooooo, not this weekend.

Anyway, let’s go forth and think about the beautiful weather that’s gonna be here soon enough, and where are you going to enjoy that time? Well, last time we talked about going to various beaches all around Italy, today we’re going to look at the best beaches in Sicily. Yep, some Sicily beaches, cause you can’t say you’ve seen the best of Sicily if you haven’t seen any of the Sicily beaches.

As per the usual, we’re going to give you 10 of the best ones, but 10 places aren’t enough to show the best places in Sicily, that would take too long, and you don’t have the time to read a post that long. We know, we have the analytics. So, without further ado let’s look at the best beach places in Sicily and some great images of Sicily beaches in the meantime.

Cala Sidoti – Ustica

Ustica is my personal favorite that’s why it’s on the top. Anyway, it’s not on the main Island but it’s so worth the trip. Defo one of the best small beach towns in Sicily. Once you go, send us a snap and let us know if it’s one of the best beaches to visit in Sicily.

Mondello – Palermo

Mondello Sicily is no doubt one of the most famous Palermo beach. Now you know that once you fly into Palermo, you don’t have to go far to find one of the best places to visit in Sicily, and one of the best family beaches in Sicily.

Scala dei Turchi – Realmonte

A natural paradise near Agrigento, you’re going to love this peculiar little rocky beach. Don’t worry it’s not just cliffs, you also have sand here. Plus, if you’re looking to take some great pics you’ve got to stay here, cause it’s best places to stay in Sicily for nature photography.

Forza D’Agrò – Taormina

Not everyone is all about wearing clothes right? So, we thought about you as well, cause from a bit of time the Forza D’Agrò near Taormina became the first naturist oasis in Sicily, so if you’re looking for nude beaches in Sicily this is the one for you. Plus Taormina has some of the best beaches in East Sicily.

Vendicari – Noto

You looking to go to one of the best beaches in South Sicily? You can’t skip Vendicari near Noto. An easy to access the beach with an amazing view of some ruins, surrounded by nature. I mean why am I still trying to tell you to visit. It’s no doubt one of the best sandy beaches in Sicily.

Cala Rossa – Favignana

Favignana is one o the most visited out of the Isole Egadi so it might be wise to visit this location during low season, not the cold season, but not August. Cause that is no doubt the best time to visit Sicily in this area. It’ll be too overcrowded if you go in August.

Marinello – Olivieri

Another naturalistic paradise, this time in northern Sicily, you’ll find Olivieri to be one of the best places to stay in Sicily for beaches, cause not only do you have Marinello, but right in front of you, are the Isole Eolie.

Torre Salsa – Siculiana

A great easy spot to get to, Torre Salsa is probably one of the best beaches in Sicily for families not because of the attractions but, because of the tranquility, you’ll enjoy. Plus kids love nature and here it’s beautiful.

Caldura – Cefalù

There really isn’t a way to say which Cefalu beach is the best, so we just picked one cause we weren’t going to stir up the town wrath by proclaiming the best beach in Cefalu Sicily. It would’ve been a bloodbath. So we’re sticking with Caldura cause it’s a bit quieter than the rest.

Sabbie Nere – Vulcano

Started with a little Island, now we finish with one as well. In the island of Vulcano you’ll find the beautiful black sand beaches. It’s a sight to behold. So what are you waiting for get on a flight and visit Sicily.

You said you wanted more beaches?

Best beaches near Taormina Sicily

Now that we’re looking at the best beaches in Sicily, and we already talked about Taormina in the past we wanted to leave you with an extra list of beaches for the area surrounding Taormina. We left you with the Costa d’Agrò in our list, but there is the beautiful Giardini di Naxos as well, a strip in the south side of Taormina that not only is riddled with amazing beaches but has as well a beautiful nightlife to enjoy.

Right next to the Giardini di Naxos you can find Villagonia Beach, a rocky beach that is a good change of scenery if you’re getting bored of the Giardini di Naxos.

A breathtaking view is found at Spisone Beach, here you’ll find a lot of pay-to-stay establishments but worry not as there are some free areas. The main attraction here are the little rocky islands that you see in front of you while bathing.

Finally, one of my personal favorite, Letojanni where you can find some of the clearest water in the whole of Sicily, all of this with the hills of Taormina behind you. So crystal clear water and breathtaking hills in the background? What are we talking about?


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