So you want to study abroad in Italy, it makes sense it’s a beautiful place to be in and really you know of all the fun you can have in a country that has tons of art, and tons of events for students that want to come here. Is Italy a good place to study abroad? Of course.

Where can I study abroad in Italy? Studying abroad in Italy is something that many people want to do, but the real and only problem someone can bump into is what city to stay in, a question that you can answer simply by checking out StudentsVille and press MORE ABOUT section.

Want to study in Italy? Check our guide about the costs of living in Italy for international students

You can study abroad in Florence Italy, and you can find great study abroad in Florence Italy tips.But hey you said the fun stops there?

You can find all the info you need on so many different cities to study in Italy, tips about Studying in Milan, Studying in Rome, Studying in Bologna, and so many others that you probably never even considered ( interested in why not study abroad in Milan?).

Now maybe you’ll be coming here for the next semester and that’s going to be in the summertime, and hey that’ll be great if you want to visit some of the best beaches in the world. I mean every region on the sea in this country has at least one great beach that isn’t infested by tourism. So go on the hunt when you’re here and enjoy every last moment of it. “But, hey Chris, studying in a new city is already quite expensive, so how much am I going to be spending while studying in Italy?” Now that I a good question, it really depends on what city you’re thinking about staying in. You’ve got some places like Milan and Florence that are quite pricey compared to the rest of the country, but then you have to consider that life cost is always less than any other major city in the world, just walk a lot and use public transport. It ain’t the best, but it gets you places.

So when wondering about your Italy study abroad term, you’re going to need to also think about the various study abroad programs in Italy, that you can pick from our more about page, select the city of your liking and choose the corresponding studying page, cause there are a ton of different college study abroad programs in Italy to pick from even on our website. So, now you know if you want to study abroad in Italy, you’re in the right place ( maybe you’re interested in reason to join an Erasmus in Italy)

How to study abroad in Italy

Now that, my dear readers, are a very odd question you’re asking yourself online, but I’ll try to answer that the best way I can. Definitely, the starting point when it comes to that query is what are the best places to study abroad in Italy?

Best Places to study abroad in Italy

That is something that really depends on what you like to feel, cause you have to keep in mind that Italy is an extremely diverse country even though it is quite small compared to other major states in the world. Let’s take a city like Milan, it’s one of the most European cities you’ll get when you’re in Italy, it has that international feel to it, even though it still keeps that relaxed atmosphere to it, or take a city like Rome that is the biggest city in Italy, but its extension is so vast it seems like you’re going from town to town, based on the various boroughs you visit. Or maybe you want something smaller, maybe you’re thinking about living that castle life in that case you could study abroad in Siena Italy and walk side by side with history, so I hope that when it comes to picking the best city to study abroad in Italy I helped a bit.

How to pack for study abroad in Italy

Let’s keep going on a tirade here, and think about what you could need to know, maybe you’re thinking about what to pack when studying abroad in Italy I mean a very good question indeed, if you’re about to visit on the next semester, than I advise bringing very little, cause the heat in this country is excruciating, maybe one light coat in case you’re visiting the sea, cause it gets windy, that’s really it, but if you’re thinking in the long run about how to pack for study abroad in Italy than you should keep in mind that the winters can be very harsh in Italy, so when you’re in front of that suitcase thinking about  what to bring when studying abroad in Italy you’re going to pack your warm clothes.

So we talked about what to pack, how to pick the best city in Italy to study abroad and a bit about the cost of studying abroad in Italy. What’s left? The best study abroad programs in Italy.

Why Study abroad in italy

You’ve come all the way to this point and you’re still looking for some reasons to study abroad in Italy? I mean how can this be the case? Have we not made a good enough case until now? (good loving that play-of-words). Anyway there are a gazillion other reasons to study here, and probably the best one is the food, how can we have a studying abroad in Italy blog without mentioning the food? We do in many different articles that have to do with seasonal treats, but we also have a huge selection of restaurants you can choose based on the city you wish to study in. There is so much good food here, that you’ll be thinking more about how to lose wight while studying abroad in Italy more than your actual studies. Guess what? We have a section on gyms and a variety of running groups or cycling tours that’ll keep you active while here.

How much is to study abroad in Italy

We can go a bit more in depth when it comes to how much it costs to study in Italy, but we have a couple of articles that can help you with that, so I’m going to leave them here for you. One talks about the cost of living in Florence and the other of the cost of living in Rome. Remember that these are some pretty good estimates to understand the difference in pricing from north to south in the country.

Let’s move on to summer study abroad programs in Italy.

Study in Italy Summer

You’ve got your mind set now and you want to come to do your term in Italy? Good cause it’s gonna be a beautiful summer and what are you going to do miss it by staying home? Better complain about the fact that you can’t be outside because you’re at a Summer School Milan rather than back home. You obviously can choose form all of the best international Universities as they all offer study abroad Italy for Summer 2022 courses. Check the different Studying pages that you can find under the More About tab on our website, and pick the right Uni for you.

Student rooms in Italy 

Ok, we’re at the end of the line here, and last but not least we’re going to show you all the best that we can offer, our piece de resistance: Accomodation. See at StudentsVille we make sure you find all the accommodation you need. From student rooms for rent in Florence Italy, to student rooms in Rome Italy, to any other student rooms in Italy that you need. So, when you don’t know how to get that one student room for rent in Florence Italy you can always find and book the best student housing in Italy with us at StudentsVille. It’s what we do best, we find and help you book your student accommodation with StudentsVille, nothing less, nothing more.

Best Universities and Masters in Italy

What do I need to know about studying abroad in Italy?

Other than what we talked about prior, you should keep in mind that you’re going to be in another country with a whole different culture than your own. So, my personal advice would be to mingle as much as possible with the locals to enjoy it fully.

What can I study in Italy?

Luckily, you can study pretty much everything in Italy, from business in Milan to fashion in Florence, from design in Rome to history in Bologna, and so on. Don’t worry whatever your passion is, if you couple it with travel it’ll be a hundred times better.

How can I apply to study in Italy?

That really depends from uni to uni, but they tend to have special sections in their websites for international students. Also keep in mind that maybe your university has special programs with certain schools in Italy, so it might be easier than you imagine.

How do I get a student visa for Italy?

If you’re coming into the country through your university, you shouldn’t worry too much about the whole bureaucratic hell that is Italy. But if you’re thinking about doing it on your own, don’t check documents for living in Italy

What do I need to know before traveling to Italy?

The only thing you need to know before coming here is one thing: What do I want to study? Cause for the rest it’s all about enjoying a diverse culture from your own, and meeting new people that have your same passion for your degree and travel.


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