With Spring about you can’t start wondering when you’ll be able to visit your first Italian beach for your first summer in Italy, I mean I’m shaking in my boots wondering when I’ll be able to go, even though luckily I’m not too far from one. Anyway, personal stuff aside, today we want to show you some of the best beaches in Italy, and we want you to find other most beautiful beaches in Italy we aren’t talking about in this post so we can all have that deserved relaxation.

Baia dei Turchi, Puglia

A white sand beach tucked away in the natural reserve near Otranto, in Puglia. What else is there to say other than it’s one of the best southern Italy beaches.

Cala Violina, Tuscany

Hidden at the end of a pine forest you can find this unique “cala” in which you’ll find some of the most beautiful waters in all of Tuscany. It’s a bit of a trek, but the payoff is worth it.

Cala Goloritzè, Sardinia

No doubt Sardinia has some of the best Italian beaches, and this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia Italy, so if you’re wondering about beach holiday in Italy where to go, Sardinia is the place to be.

Capri, Campania

There are probably very few places that compare to Capri, and for sure it is one of the most famous beaches in Italy, the Island in front of Naples is definitely one of the most renown beach cities in Italy. So if you’re looking for the best beaches in Southern Italy, this is one of them.

Le Rochette & Punta Capezzolo, Tuscany

Near Cala Violina, you’ll find this amazing piece of land that is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, so if you’re in the region and are visiting one, you’ll have to visit the other as well. If not what are you going on the hunt for the best beach in Italy for vacation, if you don’t visit both.

San Fruttuoso, Liguria

A small town on the Ligurian coast, you can find this amazing beach town, that has little to do with the classic image of a beach town. You’ll fall in love at first sight. A unique Italy beach vacation in one of the best beaches in Italy. Have fun finding beach hotels Italy in this place cause it is reaaaaalllyyy small, definitely better to visit for the day. And now you know about northern Italy beaches.

Spiaggia di Sansone, Tuscany

On the Island of Elba, you’ll find some of the top beaches in Italy, but we’re only going to show you this one to you because that is going to be a whole new list. The beautiful beaches in Italy Elba edition. Anyway, you have to check it out if you’re willing to take a ferry from Piombino (Livorno). Extra note, in Elba you’ll find one of the many nude beach Italy locations, just not the Spiaggia di Sansone, it’s Acquarilli Beach.

Spiaggia Due Sorelle, Marche

As you can see the Spiaggia Due Sorelle is in a small cala, but a beautiful location. The Marche are one of the least visited areas in Italy, and thanks to that you’ll be able to find a lot of uncontaminated nature. This out of our list is definitely the best of the beaches near Rome Italy, not exactly close, but for the lists sake it is.

Tropea, Calabria

We needed to put in a beach town that had beach resorts in Italy, but we wanted to make sure it had some of the best beaches possible. That is why we’ve picked Tropea, famous for its beaches, and its onions, so enjoy a nice hot day with a salad when you’re there.

Baia delle Zagare, Puglia

We started in Puglia, and we end in Puglia. That is because it has a lot of amazing beaches, probably some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, so less dilly-dallying, and more going to Puglia when you want some amazing beaches.



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