Erasmus is one of the most important programs out there when it comes to Intra-European school exchange. If you’re anywhere within the EU you know about it, and maybe you’re a bit on the fence about deciding if you want to join it. But that’s where we come in, you know us dropping all the knowledge there is and making sure you know everything beforehand.

As I’m saying this I’m getting ready to write down some of the best reasons to take part, and don’t you worry they’ll all be extremely logical reasons. You know me.

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SO, why take an Erasmus year in Italy? duh, cause Italy is the best place ever to study in, you really need reasons to study abroad in Italy? It’s got food, fun, and culture like that’s all you really need and those are the benefits of studying in Italy.

Now that we’ve finished with all the reasons you can go on with your life, and yeah nope we didn’t even start. Erasmus in Italy is a pretty big deal, for example in Florence, whenever I go to work in a library I can see the variety of European students, and most of them come here through the Erasmus program. Another great thing about Erasmus in Italy is that you don’t need to have to go mad looking for visa and documents to study in Italy, because you’re already an EU citizen.

If you’re worried about your Erasmus accommodation in Italy, it’s a pretty valid concern, the program does help a bit, but it’s better to find it on your own….mmmmmm, I wonder where you could find some student accommodation in Italy, I wonder if there is one student website in Italy that helps you find accommodation. And who knows you might even find an internship with us, so that covers any student jobs in Italy.

How is Erasmus in Italy?

Now how is Erasmus? Unisa Erasmus 2019 says it’s at its peak you have to take part in it, and the best part is that the University degli Studi di Salerno gives you all the info you need to take part in it. Unisa is one of the Erasmus universities in Italy, but there are many of them. If you’re wondering “Chris, what are the top places for Erasmus in Italy?” I could really say that all the whole country has good places, it just really depends on what your interest relies on, Milan has great economics, Florence has great medicine, so check out what each city specializes in pick your Erasmus courses in Italy (need a complete list of universities in Italy?)

Away with the intro, what are the main reasons to join an Erasmus program, why should you, and I mean YOU take part?

Benefits of studying in Italy

You get to study abroad

First and foremost, the Erasmus program gives you the chance to enjoy a term abroad, even a whole year if you’re liking it. Don’t forget that this is the most important aspect for understanding the world and how you could achieve success on an Intra-European level.

Financial support

“But Chris studying abroad is costly, ( read more about cost of living in Italy) and I can’t probably afford it” I understand your concern, but the Erasmus program gives you a grant. Not that big of a grant, it really depends on where you’re from and where you’re going. But the magic is that you don’t have to give that money back, it’s not a loan. Invest in your citizens EU, yeah baby!

Help with learning a language

Pretty obvs, but when you’re picking a country to study in, you should also factor in a language you want to learn. Some countries offer free courses in which you can learn the local language. Also, if you’re going through an Erasmus experience in Italy you’ll learn it everyday, cause Italians love to teach people their language.


You can’t live abroad, without leaving your nest. This can be a bit frightening, but I’ll tell you one thing you’ll be able to learn some things about yourself and what are the first steps of adulthood when you’re on your own. It ain’t one of the fun parts of Erasmus, but it’s probably one of the most important ones in the long run.

Friends around the world

Enough preaching, let’s get back to fun reasons to join an Erasmus programme in Italy, you’ll make friends from around the world (European Union, but hey I’m American I like to exaggerate). That is a pretty sweet deal, I mean even fig you’re not a book worm you’ll be making friends that can help you get through your academic career.

Easier to discover neighboring countries

Once you’re on the road, why stop there? You’ll be able to visit neighboring countries, or even just discover the country you’re in. Italy, for example, is really well connected by train within the country. Oddly enough its ranked pretty well for its reputation, thanks to a 100 billion euro investment since 2016, with word coming from HyperLoop that it might be the first country to have an operating HyperLoop in the EU.


You can’t think that I’m gonna sit here and not talk about your future as well, I mean it’s your studies we’re talking about. When you take part in an Erasmus you have the chance to boost your CV, I mean the main reason why you’re in uni to start. Why not turn it up a notch and find an Erasmus internship in Italy? That’ll get your CV nice and *moist*.

International competence and cultural awareness

My favorite part of any exchange program is being able to learn how other societies live, that’s why I studied sociology at uni. Erasmus gives you the opportunity to do this without any need to spend a lot of money, and with the opportunity to learn and live the local life. It’s a win-win situation really.


Last, but not least, you get to have loads of fun. You’re free, you’re in a new country, you’re making new friends. All of the ingredients for an amazing time.

How much money do Erasmus students get?

This really depends on what country you come from. There isn’t a standard amount of money that you get, but whatever you get is yours. That is except you don’t finish your Erasmus program, so for example, if you signed up for a year, and leave after 8 months, you have to give the remaining 4 months money back.

Who funds the Erasmus Programme?

Well, me. It’s me I fund the whole thing that’s why I write these articles. No I joke, it’s me and every other person that is living in the EU, it’s tax money put for a good cause. For the growth of the future of the European Union, and I think it’s something that every country should look into.

How do Erasmus Programme works?

Well, I can understand the TL;DR, but come on it’s all up there. Skim through it if you must.


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